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  1. Blythe

    [Help] Zone Keeps Crashing

    Hi guys, Kindly need your support. Im facing issues, my zone server runs then crashes after a few seconds. It was running for more than 3 months and it just suddenly happened. Tried to replace zone but no luck. Tried to replace the dll but no luck. Please help This is the system error log 0 02/16/20 05:39:05 : Assert: memcpy_s.c(61) : Assertion failed: src != NULL event viewer log Faulting application name: ZoneServerUD_x64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4a7baf5b Faulting module name: MSVCR80D.dll, version: 8.0.50727.762, time stamp: 0x45711ed9 Exception code: 0x80000003 Fault offset: 0x0000000000021002 Faulting process id: 0xe18 Faulting application start time: 0x01d5e55a7b394673 Faulting module path: C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.vc80.debugcrt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.4053_none_9cf5f2ffebeea69a\MSVCR80D.dll Report Id: e42dbbf2-b45c-46ae-bc02-2f07d70c1469 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  2. Hi guys, Greetings, kindly need your expert advise. This is the scenario, i hit the chip with elite skills without burst pots and its showing around 50k damage. when i use burst pots its showing 1k only. Is this a visual bug? Is there a damage cap for the visuals? If so, how do modify it. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Blythe

    RF GameCP V2

    Hi thanks for the release. Is the vote working for this? Im getting an error saying "Sorry, this feature has been disabled by the administrator."
  4. 25 out of 30 free premiums left + 10k Cash coins. Hurry invite your friends!
  5. Free 1 month premium + 10k Cash Coins for the first 30 members. Please send me a message @ facebook.com/TheRFStorm using the below template. Game Account Name: Character name: Race and Class: 27 New members can still receive the free premium. (I will keep updating this) Want free +7s?Worry not because here in RF Storm, everyone can obtain it in-game, as we want everyone to play RF, how its supposed to be. Enjoy all aspects of the game such as PBs, Farming, Upgrading, Trading and of course dominating! What are you waiting for? Download the client now, register then pwn! Client Download: http://rf-storm.net/2020/01/03/rf-storm-client-download/ Game Account Registration: http://rf-storm.net/2020/01/03/game-account-registration/ Check out the server features here: http://rf-storm.net/2019/11/15/rf-storm-unique-features/ Please Like our Facebook Page: facebook.com/TheRFStorm Looking good so far? Invite your friends and lets play!
  6. Blythe

    Changing background text on lobby screen

    Tyvm earl ❤️
  7. Hi Guys, I found a way to make the autoupdate working without using 3rd party updater woot wooot! Its a workaround but the result is similar. Basically its regarding checksums. If you edit your file, it will produce a different checksum. How this checksum is calculated or which algorithm is used to calculate the checksum, noone wants to share. But the client will automatically generate the correct checksum for you and you can just copy that checksum value to your patchinfo and create a patch. Hope this info helps. If you need more details I will share it here.
  8. Hi guys, Greetings, kindly please share if you know which file to edit the below picture on client. I just want to replace the rf online pioneers of novus to another logo. Thanks so much ❤️ https://www.mediafire.com/view/1djwev6oir71969/RF.PNG/file
  9. Hi guys, thanks for your support and really appreciate. Its now working. Just incase someone face this issue: Double check your www folders. Make sure you are downloading the files on the correct folder, the folder exist and the file is there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have another query though, just incase you guys can help once again. I tried to make a patch for lets say item.edf and it works, but If I edit something again on that item.edf, created a new tmp file of the edited one, the launcher doesnt download the updated one and keeps the old. Thanks so much!
  10. Blythe

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Hi bro, i currently have the same issue. Tried to edit the same file which is already patched and checked and made a new patch info with the edited one but it never gets replaced. Have you found a solution?
  11. Blythe

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    Hi Maree, thank you so much for your support. I found a way to fix it and for those facing the same issue, kindly find the below. Note: I also fixed my animus issue where the solution is the same as the below. Issue was when editing some files, its generating some extra bytes once the file is saved. If its not the same bytes as the original, youll get an error. Resolution: After editing .dat files, make sure to compare the original and your edited one. If bytes are larger than the original then use dat cutter. Thanks so much guys you rock!
  12. Blythe

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    Hi maree, really sorry for the late update. Im currently working on animus and pvp and im stuck on it. Ill work on the cash shop again once I fix the animus and pvp issues. Thanks so much for your support.
  13. Blythe

    [HELP] RF Manage Tool Level 55

    Hi guys! I have fixed the issue, just incase you are experiencing the same, the below is what I did. My exp.dat is cut to level 54 since my max level is level 55 only and thats the same file im using in rf manage tool. Thats why when I edit a character to level 55, ill get an error. Fix: I used the default exp.dat in my zone>script and rfmanage>script which is uncut and up to level 65. I then just set the max level on rf world>tbl_general to 55 to still cap my level to 55. Now i can edit a character to level 55 without error. Thanks admin you can now please close if needed.
  14. Blythe

    [Help] CPT Not Gained

    Hi guys, Im currently facing issues with Contribution points not gained when you kill someone. However temporary points works fine. Kindly your support is much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. Test 1 I made two fresh level 55 characters, one character have 20k contribution points and 1 character have 0. I tried to kill the char with 20k points but no cpt gained, only temp points. I tried to do the reverse but also no cpt. Test 2 Two fresh lvl 55 characters, both have 0 cpt. One Warrior and 1 ranger. The warrior gains 1 cpt each kill but the ranger doesnt. My max level is 55, kindly find the below configs and please advise. ZoneServer: PVP Tweaks - changed 1624 to 2744 Pvp Limit Options for all 3 races - Changed from 30 to 55. pvp ini [ClassValue] ClassNum = 29 class0 = BWS1 20 class1 = BWS2 20 class2 = BWS3 20 class3 = BRS1 20 class4 = BRS2 20 class5 = BRS3 20 class6 = BFS1 20 class7 = BFS2 20 class8 = BFS3 20 class9 = BSS1 20 class10 = BSS2 20 class11 = CWS1 20 class12 = CWS2 20 class13 = CWS3 20 class14 = CRS1 20 class15 = CRS2 20 class16 = CRS3 20 class17 = CFS1 20 class18 = CFS2 20 class19 = CFS3 20 class20 = CSS1 20 class21 = AWS1 20 class22 = AWS2 20 class23 = AWS3 20 class24 = ARS1 20 class25 = ARS2 20 class26 = ARS3 20 class27 = ASS1 20 class28 = ASS2 20 [LimitPvpPoint] ;;Àӽà Æ÷ÀÎÆ® °ªÀÌ Àû¿ëµÇ´Â ·¹º§ÀÇ °¹¼ö LevelCnt = 16 ;;Àӽà Æ÷ÀÎÆ® °ªÀÌ Àû¿ëµÇ±â ½ÃÀÛÇÏ´Â ·¹º§ StartLv = 40 ;; °¢ ·¹º§´Þ Á¦ÇѵǴ Àӽà Æ÷ÀÎÆ® Lv40 = 500 Lv41 = 600 Lv42 = 700 Lv43 = 800 Lv44 = 900 Lv45 = 1200 Lv46 = 1500 Lv47 = 1800 Lv48 = 2100 Lv49 = 2400 Lv50 = 3000 Lv51 = 3500 Lv52 = 4000 Lv53 = 4500 Lv54 = 5000 Lv55 = 6000 [PremiumLimitPvpPoint] ;;PC¹æ ÇÁ¸®¹Ì¾ö PVP Æ÷ÀÎÆ® ȹµæ·® È®Àå (150%) Lv40 = 750 Lv41 = 900 Lv42 = 1050 Lv43 = 1200 Lv44 = 1350 Lv45 = 1800 Lv46 = 2250 Lv47 = 2700 Lv48 = 3150 Lv49 = 3600 Lv50 = 4500 Lv51 = 5250 Lv52 = 6000 Lv53 = 6750 Lv54 = 7500 Lv55 = 9000
  15. Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help and support
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