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  1. Hi guys, Ive been trying to find an sql query to modify existing character's level and all I can find is how to set level cap which is not what im looking for. Kindly please share if you have an idea how to modify a certain character to a certain level manually. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks so much for your great support guys! Really appreciate
  3. Hi guys! My Issue is now resolved. For those experiencing the same, The issue was related to the client side. I had to download a new rf_bin for RU and MSS32.DLL. Had to read microsoft event log to understand what was crashing as the netlog from the client cannot be read. Thanks so much for your support guys! really appreciate
  4. Hi ERL still the same issue, 1. SQL Server Compatibility - im using sql server 2012 2. World DB - I downloaded a brand new db from this website and restored it. This new DB is using rfaccount instead of rftestaccount but same issue 3. Ini Configuration (Zone, Loging, Account) - triple checked the inifiles and all good. Do you have any specifics on which part to look for? I tried to change userlimit to 1000 but no luck aswell. 4. History Directory Path too long - This is the path C:\RFOFiles\RFO\History. Please advise if its too long 5. Server Name have space on character´╗┐ - Before there was space but already removed but same issue I can log in 1 character just fine. But when log in two chars of the same race and they meet each other, lets say in HQ, both of them will crash. If i log in 1 bell and 1 cora, no DC. Any more suggestions please? Thanks so much! Update: I tested on my local test server with very minor modifications but same issue.
  5. Thanks so much I will try the above one by one and keep you updated. If you guys have further suggestions please let me know to add it on my list
  6. Hi guys, Im experiencing a major issue at the moment. When two characters of the same race log in, both of them will crash with critical error. Any idea or suggestions whats causing this? Note: After further tests, only when the characters of the same race are close to each other then both of them will crash. As long as they dont meet, the wont get dced. Thanks so much really appreciate your inputs in advance
  7. Blythe

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    Update: Fully updated my cash shop. Only found one issue with the talk jade which im still trying to figure out why. If i remove it, zone wont start @@
  8. Blythe

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    OMG It workeeeddddd! Thank you so much Maree. I made one mistake a while ago aswell. I was only changing the value of one but there are actually four of the same item code on those files. I changed the value to 0 on all four and it worked.
  9. Blythe

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    Hi thanks for your reply. Yes my client is The value that needs to be changed 0, do you mean the "is active" column?
  10. Dear Team, Kindly need your assistance to tell me how to remove items from cash shop. - On server side cash.dat i tried to delete some lines and dat cutter then used the matching tool but zone wont start -tried to make "is active" to 0 on both server and client cash and itemcash but i can still see the item there. Really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!
  11. Blythe

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    Hi, I need help please. On userStatus its, its already showing that there is cash but when in game, its showing 0. Troubleshooting done: - Ensured all are RU -changed from true to false BuyCashItemByGold = false
  12. Blythe

    [HELP] RF Manage Tool Level 55

    Hi, Kindly need your support guys please. Im using rf manage tool and its working fine except for when I edit a certain character's level to 55, that char wont be able to log in. It will get an error "error character selection" when choosing a char to play. When i change it to level 50, that char will work normally. I need it to be able to make chars levle 55 pls. Thanks so much in advance!
  13. Blythe

    [HELP] Unable to connect to Server

    Hi, The launcher is opening now. The issue was the ServerConfig.dat file is not in the Update folder. Once I copied it there, its now able to open. I need to resolve another issue now. Im able to log in successfully but the Serverlist is saying Close. @@ i will recheck world config. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Blythe

    [HELP] Unable to connect to Server

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I tried to create a rule to allow any for now but still the same. However i will recheck apache config maybe I missed something. I will let you know here once done.
  15. Hi, Kindly need your expert advice guys. Im migrating my rf server from offline to a dedicated server. I have completed the setup and im able to launch login,account and zone server successfully. When I open the launcher it only goes to Connecting to launcher update server then closes. My first attempt from home connecting to the server succeeded but now it keeps failing and im not sure why it worked the first time. Note: I already edited the launcher IP to connect to the dedicated server. Here are the logs: 11/09/19 20:34:31: Create Log File 11/09/19 20:34:31: Create Log File 11/09/19 20:34:31: Use FileGuard 11/09/19 20:34:32: Use PatchFireWall 11/09/19 20:34:32: Use CRC Check 11/09/19 20:34:32: Sat Nov 09 20:34:32 2019 11/09/19 20:34:32: SetLoginArea 0 11/09/19 20:34:32: Launcher Version : RF_Log.exe | File 2019 11 9 18 52 11/09/19 20:34:32: Version : 718 11/09/19 20:34:32: Launcher Patch Server Area : 0 11/09/19 20:34:32: Launcher Patch ServerIP : x.x.x.x 11/09/19 20:34:32: Launcher Patch ServerURL : http://x.x.x.x:80/update.dll?718 11/09/19 20:34:32: Success download file : update.dat 11/09/19 20:34:32: Number of files : 2 11/09/19 20:34:32: Version of new launcher : 4 11/09/19 20:34:32: [Not Use updatecfg.dat]Number of patch server : 1 11/09/19 20:34:32: Rnadom select index : Server1 11/09/19 20:34:32: Patch Server IP : http://x.x.x.x:80/ 11/09/19 20:34:32: Download file URL: http://x.x.x.x:80/Update/ServerConfig.dat 11/09/19 20:34:36: Download file False: File download failure Thanks so much in advance
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