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  1. Blythe

    [HELP] Edit level to get exp from monster

    Hi woody, Thanks so much for the tip. I tried it and it works! Really appreciate your help.
  2. Hi Guys, Kindly i would like to ask which file to edit to lower the level requirement to gain exp from a monster. Im trying to edit naroom captain, the current level required to get exp is 56 and i want to make it 52. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Hi guys, Im trying to make the autoupdater work and im getting the below error. Launcher is opening but I think its not downloading the patch file because of the below. Your support is highly appreciated my brothers. Troubleshooting Steps taken but no luck: The first number is 8298 and I changed it to 9144 and made a PatchInfo.z File out of the new Patchinfo.txt with the modified number. When i Browse it will download the file with the modified number 9144 when i extract the Z file. But the error log stays the same. I tried to modify the PatchInfo.txt to be like this: 06/11/19 12:04:53: Create Log File 06/11/19 12:04:54: Download data file : 06/11/19 12:04:54: Success download file : update.dat 06/11/19 12:04:54: *****Download Patch Info File***** 06/11/19 12:04:54: Number of download file : 1 06/11/19 12:04:54: [1] Download file URL : 06/11/19 12:04:54: Success Download files 06/11/19 12:04:54: *****Download Patch Info File***** 06/11/19 12:04:54: Success download file : PatchInfo.z 06/11/19 12:04:54: *****MakePatchFileList***** 06/11/19 12:04:54: Start Decrypt 06/11/19 12:04:54: - Number 622011829824 - 06/11/19 12:04:54: Number of client file : 8298 06/11/19 12:04:54: Loading Local Crc Info 06/11/19 12:04:54: Crc Info Loding Success. 9144 06/11/19 12:04:54: Not Same LocalFileInfo 9144, DownloadFildInfo 8298 Num. 06/11/19 12:04:55: ***** End of MakePatchFileList***** 06/11/19 12:04:55: *****ProcessPatch***** 06/11/19 12:04:55: PatchFile Num = 0 06/11/19 12:04:55: *****CheckDataIntegrity***** 06/11/19 12:04:55: *****CheckDataIntegrity Ok***** 06/11/19 12:04:55: ¾î¶ó Exit TRUE. ÆÐÄ¡ÁßÀÌ¸é °ð Á¾·á.. 06/11/19 12:04:55: Save Make Local Crc Info. Size : 9144 06/11/19 12:04:55: Crc Info Save Success.
  4. Blythe

    Modifying Armor/Weapon stats on client

    Thank you so much guys! I never knew it was just visual Kindly please close the thread
  5. Hi Guys, Kindly need your assistance. I have modified item.edf on client side only , changed a certain armor's level and defense and I can see that the modification took effect without doing anything on the server side. Is there any way to ensure clients wont be able to edit anything on the client side and if they do, it should always take whats configured on the server side. Really appreciate your help
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