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  1. Yasyah

    Changing NPC Model

    Thanks for the reply sir, but it doesn't work ? I think there is something wrong with Dagnue model. I tried other model (kwelwsocom) and it's work. Is there model limit size for NPC sir ?? I think Dagnue is too big for NPC model lol
  2. Yasyah

    Changing NPC Model

    Hola everyone, does anyone know why is this model sinks ? I try to change npc model using monster and end up like this. I did change the bone, mesh, & ani.
  3. Yasyah

    [Need Help] Launcher/Client wont connect to server

    Have you setting your ini file in serverside ?? Make sure all of your ini files have same ip (local = Ron's Dev Launcher is only for and connected to local ip
  4. Yasyah

    Understanding Item.dat

    Hola sir, today I like to ask about some columns in item.dat In Armor Section 1. What is the difference between DefFc and DefFacing ? 2. What is DeffEffType mean ? it has 256, 512, & even 409256 3. What is DurUnit column mean ? In Potion Section 1. What is UsePCCash column for ? 2. I want to change some potions' cooldown and can't find the column. · Is it the ActDelay column ? the value is difference within the game · Can anyone explain how many type of DelayType in game and its function ? I hope this thread also help other newbie in editing item.dat Thanks in advance
  5. Yasyah

    NEED HELP WITH accountDB ConfigUserODBC failed!

    Install RF Dependencies
  6. Yasyah

    UI Problem

    Hey guys, Im Yasyah and just having UI problem, here the pic (sry couldnt upload the image here. couldnt find the link) https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501885376575 has anyone met this problem and found its solution ? also I want to ask how to check the version of server files and client we have ? NB: - I use 2232 server files (RU nation code) from fyurith and client (pure golden mystery) - I have no idea why i have to use 223 rfonline.bin to make it work instead of 2232 RU bin - AFAIK, golden mystery already have lv55++ equip, but in my shop, it only has lv50 equip max, why tho ? thanks in advance
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