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  1. FelixBeta


    It's all about launcher, it doesn't read billing value from server properly
  2. 11.05.2020 - Added safe server shutdown system with announcement through Server Close button. (Language) - Added ingame commands for module ini reload. (GMCommand.ini) - Added player aura attack, defense, hp settings. (PlayerFormula.ini) - Added Player and GM player name color module. (Odin.ini) - Added visual information about UMT trade settings. - All GM grades have [GM] name prefix now from player perspective. (Player name color module) - Optimized dungeon module.
  3. FelixBeta

    Files and Guide review

    Had some issues about "localhost" 10 years ago So using (local) since then, zero problems. As well as SQL Server connectiion driver instead Native
  4. FelixBeta

    Files and Guide review

    Agree :)) In addition to SQL Server connection driver i would add (local) to every odbc db setting as connection address
  5. 28.04.2020 - Fixed character creation name check. - Fixed "Combine item" quest mission bug. 03.05.2020 - Added Interracial Auction House module. (Odin.ini) - Added Wisdom Talic debuff duration fix. (Odin.ini) - Added automatic Honor Guild module. (Odin.ini and GuildManage.ini) - Added ability to set minimal character deletion level. (ConstantManager.ini) - Restricted 0 level character deletion (Before finishing tutorial). - Fixed interracial guild war crash. - Fixed and optimized dungeon event item loot. - Fixed gm announce chat display for players. - Optimized character creation name check.
  6. FelixBeta

    OwnDev vs HVN vs DevCorp vs Odin Secure

    Bunch of testers, atm only EQG server uses secure for players
  7. You mean skype? gm-felix
  8. 22.04.2020 - Added Interracial Guild War module. (License Type 3) - Added LUA extended script engine module. Guide will be available soon. (License Type 3) - Added GM announce and notify chat support for 2 and above grades. - Added Event Item looting error fix for Dark Hole dungeons. (Odin.ini) - Added loot to cash point exchange support. (Updated English.ini) - Added offsets to RemoteOffset module: Running while Alt-Tab, Mining while Alt-Tab, Particle.ini particles limit, ability to remove brackets around item name. - GuildManage/MinGuildGrade setting now works for battle schedule declare list. - Fixed packet encryption system errors. - Fixed GvG zone server crash. - Fixed loot message while changing equipment. - Fixed WallHack check function. - Fixed possible MapBuffer module zone server crash. 25.04.2020 - Added CPT party share module. - Added Temporary PvP Point party share module. - Optimized network engine. - Fixed macros bug.
  9. FelixBeta

    (HELP) RF online V1.5 server files

    Having 1.5, can totally agree with post above
  10. 30.03.2020 - Added packet encryption system. - Added visual information about potion level usage. - Added creation character nickname language selection (Odin.ini). - Optimized Windows XP+ client secure compatibility. - Fixed guild bank error. - Fixed voting error (Changed default value in ElectionSystem.ini). - Fixed cash and premium potion effect types for english billing (roslaw). - Fixed Auction House error. - Fixed GvG crash.
  11. 08.03.2020 - Added ability to buy any item kind for PvP points. - Added visual information about item trade settings. - Added visual information about item storage price. - Added visual information about Guard Tower. - Fixed dungeon module operation in disabled state. - Added lowbie Cheat Engine secure.
  12. 26.02.2020 - Fixed reading GM command list from ini file. - Fixed set item effect abuse fix. - Added new quest mission module (14 new missions as of now). - Added dungeon monster support for quests (player, who killed monster). - Added quest mission OR type for default monster killing quest type (Kill monster, ActType 3). Works on all maps and dungeons. - Fixed Hunting Point display. - Fixed new Quest Mission error that caused skipping quest checking function if you have multiple quests with same task. - Autoloot module won't effect if you are in party. (Temporary) - Optimized game client verification process. Can be used only with provided BIN file. - Added ability to turn off race buy/sell tax (NPC, MAU, Ore) in ConstantManager. - Optimized various secure functions.
  13. FelixBeta

    [HElP] Upgrade Logs of Items

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