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  1. 16.10.2021 - Added new game interface menu. (Odin.ini) - Added boss respawn schedule interface.(Odin.ini) - Added daily reward interface.(Odin.ini/DailyReward) - Added extended game settings interface. - Added Tab Target options to game settings interface. - Added various new item interface elements. - Added font setting support. /DataTable/font.ini - Added quest mission Receive Gold Points. - Added GuildPoint module system events logging. - Added extra chip breaker aura removal upon leaving guild. - Updated Odin.ini configuration file structure. - Updated item user
  2. There's no such thing as or 2.2.3 -> -> Canceled 2.2.4 Then it's 1.5 Defcon and 4.1.5 AoP, or w.e. CCR naming rocks
  3. Well those are SQL basics. You should learn that before starting to do anything with RF. Google is a powerful too, do not underestimate it.
  4. Nothing to install really. Just be sure to have DB, then apply SQL scripts from AoP pack. Delete your old ODBC data and run setup_odbc.bat script. And you can start server
  5. Test without titanium zone
  6. Check holystone ini settings, and check if u didn't delete any skills from Skill.dat
  7. First of all.. Mother of a jesus, don't make such LONG paths. Preferable path: C:/Server/ZoneServer/RF_Bin/Zone.exe Second, run your apps from their own exe. Don't run zone bat that used by 2232
  8. If you are using ALL files from topic links you won't have such issue like "wrong server type".
  9. Those files are mostly basted on early 4.15 update including SOME beelzebub items, that doesn't mean everything is there.
  10. 15.07.2021 - Added training dungeon level exceed teleportation fix. - Updated all function hooks. - Fixed MAU/Animus new aura. http://odin-secure.com/26-changelogaop-15072021.html
  11. Your limit quest MaxLvl value should not be less then your exp.dat max level.
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