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  1. Name of map ..

    You can't jump onto tutorial map. You need to add it into server map and client map.edf. Tutorial maps are not part of map system by default. But if you don't know that - gonna be tricky to add
  2. Name of map ..

  3. DevCorp lack of accountability

    Fedor is a perma ass
  4. All Users Premium Service

    just remove declare @EventTime date select @EventTime='2018-04-20' if cast(@cur_time as date) <= @EventTime begin set @p2 = 2 return end else
  5. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    To move npc you need move coordinates dummy to another spt and change map name in StoreList. Basics.
  6. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    proc/hunt/gold point needs to be activated in ActionPointSystem.ini (activate all 3 of them)
  7. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Have u reached 40 lvl and got second class while tested pvp points?
  8. Nah, had original one from brazil. Those are "my" files that got spread out :C
  9. Not really "mostly untouched". Shame I've deleted original 2.2.3 long time ago D: Some dats changed, Cora spawn added and some other edits after that