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  1. Serafim

    RF Online Source Code

    Of course it's giga
  2. Serafim

    RF Online Source Code

    This is an unfinished giga 3
  3. Serafim

    set see dist 900

    Hello. 0xf96af - offset 2232 GU; E8 2C BA 09 00 -> 90 90 90 90 90
  4. Serafim

    RF Online Source Code

    why not 2235?) do you even read MainApp.cpp comments, this is old shit
  5. Serafim

    Crag Mine See Distance

  6. Serafim

    Change max gold point

    Using any HEX editor, open ZoneServer.exe, for example HexEditorNeo, then press Ctrl + G with the keyboard shortcut, enter the addresses I gave above and change the values in the resulting offset.
  7. Serafim

    Change max gold point

    I have provided offsets for the zone above.
  8. Serafim

    ZoneServer Problem

    You just need to ini files to edit the notepad ++, in particular WorldInfo.ini
  9. Serafim

    Change max gold point

    0x11B2CA -> New value gold point (4 bytes); 0x11B2D4 -> New value gold point (4 bytes); 0x11B23D -> New value gold point (4 bytes); 0x11B247 -> New value gold point (4 bytes);
  10. Serafim

    ZoneServer Problem

    Change the encoding of the WorldInfo.ini file to UTF-8 without boom using NotePad ++
  11. Serafim

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    I have already solved his problem
  12. Serafim

    Zoneserver Error

    Attach logs
  13. Serafim

    Monster drop

    datEditor, and it is better to learn how to use the parser, it can be found on the official website of the developer TriRozhka.
  14. Serafim

    Monster drop

    You open the ItemLooting.dat script, the first column (64 bytes) is the ID of the monster to which you make a drop, the next column (4 bytes) is the chance of a loot line falling out (1% = 21474509, 2% = 42949018 and so on), the next column ( 4 bytes) - the time of the loot, how much it will lie on the ground, 0 = default value, 1000 = 1 second, next column (4 bytes) - the number of lutins dropped, do not forget that the number is still multiplied by the premium rate, the next graph (4 bytes ) - the amount of loot in the line, which can fall out and will be moved by the random-access system and then columns with server item codes, 200 count 8 byte each
  15. Serafim

    Edit Map Portal

    Problem solved?
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