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  2. Hello, I represent your attention your product to protect servers rf online version; Protection contains a package of fixes known at the moment all the dupes and other large list of bug fixes and bugs, in addition has a large package of modules, a little more about the provided modules I will tell you below; Protection is provided by a server and a client; Protection of the client consists of one library Serafim.dll and my RF_Online.bin; The script part of the client is now covered on top of my protector, the game will only be allowed with files covered by the protector, and this makes them impossible to decrypt by third parties; Now I'll tell you about the package of modules included in the protection: 1. Module - Chat (allows you to configure the desired level, currency, platinum for use, also the ability to disable completely, make visible to other races or disable / enable the punishment of the Patriarch; 2. Module - Aura (includes a working formula of physical protection, from jewelry, debafs, buffs, armor, shields, doping, and so on, in addition, introduced the ability to edit the indicators of lamps and assign a bonus HP, attack or defense of any of them or the same chip holder, in addition, you can configure separately protection for each type of weapon, its server ID, massively increase the attack of ordinary skills, class skills or magic skills, configure protection against attacks of monsters specified by you or animus and activated the system of elemental attacks, resisting attack is 0 damage does not change, if you increase the damage resistance decreases, decreasing the damage increases, the modulus of the aura also includes a new formula for accuracy and evasion, where you can really detail it to yourself to set, as a developer, I will not hide how my formula); 3. Module - Mau Upgrade (includes changing the currency type for upgrading parts of MAU, on the server side you just need to specify the price type and write the desired price value in scripts to write off in the field nStdPrice); 4. Module - Dungeon (this module was written to order for one of my clients, but since it was not communicated that he is private, I have included protection, by using this module you can add new locations with a sign dungeon, the configuration files include the portal name and the location settings are transmitted to the client player and substitute in the new function so my client has made even the entrance to the dungeon on the map Cauldron01); 5. Module - GM Command (includes settings of all command names that the access in grade by a full and podgrade); 6. Module - Chip Breaker (includes many types of work, gives awards in the form of any points and items with the modification and quantity for finishing off the terminal or denunciation to the Keeper); 7. Module - Color (Allows you to change the usual colors of the names of the grades of objects and nicknames of characters); 8. Module - Loot (filtration System and autoadmin loot with extensive settings system autoloot with numerous settings); 9. Module - ItemUpgrade (Allows you to change the default chances of modifying items); 10. Module - Message (Includes notifications of pit bosses and their deaths with deep individual settings); 11. Module - NpcBuff (Allows you to activate buffs in the NPC buttons or call them with a command in the white chat); 12. Module - Nuclear (allows to give the possibility to use nuclear missiles in specified locations and the specified gradom lamp); 13. Module - Potion (allows you to make capsules with any type of points, summon monsters, repair Mau, increase levels, increase CashShop and give a premium); 14. Module - Pvp (allows you to block the card for the accrual of pvp points, activate the receipt of pvp points in the party, edit the daily rules for the accrual of pvp points and status points, as there is a new formula for the accrual of pvp points and bonuses premium accounts); 15. Module - Vote (allows you to set the rules for the registration of a candidate of race and rules for successful completion of voice); 16. Module - Quest (my addition, which activates dozen new types of quests, three of which with advanced settings); 17. Module - Archont Regent (the module that introduced a new lamp called "Regent" which transfers the rights of the Patriarch, when the Patriarch himself is out of play when entering the game returns its position back, the Regent always has access to the chat race) at the moment the module dorabiala and ready more than half; 18. Module - Virtual offsets (transfers keys of offsets to the addresses specified by you to the client and applies them forcibly); 19. Module - Reload Script (includes reloading server scripts, covers almost the entire most important part of the scripts); Locking system by HWID, MAC address, ComputerName; Ideal system for monitoring the number of active Windows; Input logging system and some module systems; Protection at the stage of completion and work daily with many testers, I now publish the topic and would like to see in their ranks more testers. By the way, the cost of protection at the moment will be 400 USD, fully includes all updates and modules, not provided separately, for testers provide with restrictions on the number of users and the time of the license; Only work with PayPal; My contacts: Skype : [email protected] and here in personal messages
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