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  1. thaylei

    Disconnect After open the game

    You edit the file right, put it back where you edit - ? work/history somthing like that if you understand ?
  2. thaylei

    Edit 50 Quest Monster Count and Text message!

    Im sorry after 5 hours its fix. Admin can delete post now
  3. thaylei

    Edit 50 Quest Monster Count and Text message!

    what do you mean - which files in that - the monster code is: 0B30B = Calliana Acher
  4. In QuestDesc.xlsx i have edit the message to say Eliminate 10 Caliana Archers only but it doesnt take effect ============================================== In Quest.xlsx i have edit the Monster count of 50 to 10 All race 0 1 2 - But it didnt take effect ============================================== I have put quest.edf into the client files in datatable I have put Quest.dat into server script in zoneserver I have put ndquest into datatable en-gb - en-id - en-ph - ja-jp -ko-kr -pt-br - ru-ru - zh-cn - zh-tw Doesnt take effect please help and show me which while i should be looking at thanks...
  5. thaylei

    Game-CP v2

    Fix already and sorry forgot ?
  6. thaylei

    Game-CP v2

    Whoops! Looks like we have some errors: Failed to insert the RF Account data into the database. Contact an administrator. I try looking at function.php, what should i be looking for? My Database is RF_User RF_World? DeusEx Check function.php, you will find the problem. "Failed insert account" that mean the query is ´╗┐executed but didnt successfully insert´╗┐ed. You must match 'em all with your tbl_RFTestAccount column design.
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