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  1. Our Team is currently looking/recruiting for an RF Senior Developer that has its own module with basic and cool features. If you want a detailed information about this, you can email me in [email protected] or directly message me in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rfskyler
  2. Skyler


    @legendofcr33d check your inbox sir, Thanks!
  3. Skyler

    Looking for an RF Developer

    Check Email
  4. Skyler

    Icons / Samples

    @Crowik you don't have the one with Lv55 Armors and Monster? 😊
  5. Skyler

    Done with Starter Guide!

    Click this for your Next Step,
  6. Skyler

    Lv50 Damages want to be Balanced

    Thanks for your suggestion but re-scaling the defense or increasing Type C and Int Armors Defense would make a good change? since we only have those 2 Type of Armor options. Regarding, Traps and Towers we might just think about it after we hit the right spot of balancing the damages as of now we will be focusing on the damages of every class. Re-Scaling Defense TYPE C and INTENSE ARMOR ALL CLASS Warrior Armors [ Type C and Intense ] - +20% Mage Armors [ Type C and Intense ] + 20% Ranger Armors [ Type C and Intense ] + 30% Gunner Armors [ Type C and Intense ] + 35%
  7. Skyler

    Lv50 Damages want to be Balanced

    Is there a way to Balance or Change the Damages / Defense of Everything in the Server at once? I want to have a Balance Server in Lv50 2232 Server Max Armors Int and Type C Max Weapons Intense Weapon, Type C Weapons, PVP Weapon Lv50, Leon's Weapon Lv45 and Lv50 Max Elems Perfect Elems, H55 Elems, 3D + BBL Please share your thoughts about this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Skyler

    RF Free Interface?

    Suggestions please?
  9. Skyler

    RF Free Interface?

    Is there someone can link me or give me some advice about free and coolest looking RF Interfaces? Thanks in advance.
  10. Skyler

    Developing Own RF

    Great Community thanks to you guys. I will contact you once I'm set since I'm currently on vacation would love to learn from people that are willing to help
  11. Skyler

    Developing Own RF

    Thanks, bro for your guidance. In any way can I ask what are the Average Specifications of a PC in order to run smoothly the tools and running this RF Developing thing?
  12. Skyler

    Developing Own RF

    Yes, I've read some Information but I would like a suggestion from the Community that is summarized but at the same time detailed enough for me to take my first step. Thanks bro
  13. Skyler

    Developing Own RF

    Hi Guys, I am new to this community and have been reading some threads as of now it's my day 2. I would just like to make my own RF can you guide me and give me some advice? I am literally at 0% or no idea on how to do it. Basically a Newbie in this Developing Field but I guess I'm a fast learner at the same time got some knowledge about coding and decoding. Please advise me what steps to take, Of course, I would prefer doing RF Offline First. What are the average specs requirements for my PC in order to Develop and RF Offline without problems or issues? What are the tools that I should have in order to do this? Where should I start? Is there any difference in Building an RF Offline and making it Live? If possible please give me informative information or links of threads that I could go to and learn. Thanks and this is a great community by the way. Have a great day guys!
  14. Skyler

    Suggest Cheap Dedicated Servers

    I want to learn RF Developing bro, I hope you can guide me. Message this guy, https://www.facebook.com/ValmichHosting ( Dedicated Server but cheap he is good in speaking in English ) I've been in his care he responds 24/7 and has a good service.
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