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  1. kanabris

    Why do they make things difficult?

    It is common for someone to want to make money on stolen files ... So if there is someone here who is selling a file in order to earn money on top of this care! There are a lot of smart people around here and in Ragezone. Take advantage of over source code offered for free to people. Do not fall into this madness. It is very easy to get something that is public modify and say that it is yours.
  2. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

  3. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    Please can not, try to pass me the file to try your here if it works.My email its [email protected]
  4. kanabris

    Now corrected bootyitem for server

    New link re-uploaded Link.
  5. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    No, I do not really know what that is. Would it be a solution? Why do not the skill points go up to level 2? They're stuck ... It looks like something related to the database. Is not true? If you played with a normal account and did not have this problem, please put the file that I should use to no longer have this problem. It's horrible to play, try to climb skill level and not go up because it has a bug or whatever?
  6. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    Have you tried playing from the beginning with a common account? try to play with a common account and you see this error.
  7. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    Well here it is, the basic skills do not evolve, the percentage is locked, one of them goes up to level 5 or 4, and the rest they lock at level 4 and percentage 31%, they do not go up anymore. This happens with all basic skills. That is to say the porcetagem does not rise, of none of them. If you try to play from the beginning, that percentage will not rise. I do not know if this is only with me. But if you do not have any problems related to this, please send me the file to replace what has this problem.
  8. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    How can this happen if I'm level 15? So can it be DataBase? I did not understand... I'm not talking about skill points. I'm talking about the first class skill, the one that comes from the egg, the skill that makes those pirouettes with the swords. >_< The skills locked up, and they do not go up higher, nor level up, trying to get the skills turned headache, I tried everything. If someone does not have this problem and can explain me in a correct way can make me available to correct this error is welcome.
  9. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    What would you tell me to solve this problem? What all indications are that I'm using a clean client from this link Client. That is the problem is in the server script Server, so which server would you tell me to solve this problem? Do you have this same problem with skills? I do not have enough time to fix script errors, especially with binary files. I already did this with bootyitem and I had a lot of headache to solve. If you can help friend please help with the file without this problem.
  10. kanabris

    Skill's problem bug?

    I'm having problem with the skills, they do not leave level 2 or level 1.5, this happens with all the skill for those who start the game from the beginning. What can be someone has a solution?
  11. Now I have some items corrected, that's right, those that you drop monsters, when you were going to sell the item you received the changed CP. Please still find altered sales errors of CP items, help to fix it, make it cleaner, thank you. Download
  12. kanabris

    Clean bootyitem.dat server

    complicated, because it takes a lot of time to do this, I do not have much time, I just wanted to play a little offline so that it worked well, not even want to play a little.
  13. kanabris

    Clean bootyitem.dat server

    I'm looking for the bootyitem.dat server with no sales issues for items, for example when I sell a item Riar, on the client says 85, when it sells 500000 ...: / anyone has the bootyitem.dat fixed?
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