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  1. Chrys

    RF Map Tool

    is there a way to increase the render distance? whenever I try to view the entire map from above(high enough to see the entire map) map starts to gradually disappear from render distance.
  2. Chrys

    [Help] .ani, .bbx, .bn files

    I've looked into it and found a script to import directly the bones and animation, apparently the imported bones from RF Online was dummy objects used as bones instead of actual bones/biped. Quite confused on how to work with it since I've only done model refining and IK bones with 3ds Max and Blender, when I try to export it to fbx it defines the dummy objects as non-orthogonal. Anyone experienced with 3DS Max(since I'm more used to blender) has any clue on working around with this? I've tried converting the dummy objects to bones automatically but turns to be a little. . . joinky? https://imgur.com/osgPrbO
  3. Is there a way to open and edit these files? like with the .ani files, I can see each keyframes, which particular bone was moved and so on then edit those, same goes for bbx and bn files. Preferably with 3ds MAX or Blender, if not then how else can I edit these, I want to try editing some of the animations and bones to what I need, and probably to smoothen some of the animations.
  4. Chrys

    [Help] RF Online Maps to Blender or 3DS Max

    So far this is what I was able to get, I have the mesh files and texture files, but textures seems to be messed up? when importing the whole folder, like a kid colored it with a crayon. https://imgur.com/kdaWamr
  5. Hi, just wanna ask for help if its possible to import RF Online maps to either Blender or 3DS Max, I wanted to improve various maps textures and so on. I've seen the RF Map Tool, and I think I'll be able to work better with Blender or 3DS Max, any clue would be appreciated even if you say it's not possible, atleast I can stop on wanting to use Blender or 3DS max for editing textures and such for the Maps and try to work with the RF Map Tool.
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