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  1. Looks pretty cool Ron
  2. I would be interested in knowing that too as I have long used the BeeThink IP Blocker
  3. Here's the fix drop these in your root client folder, over write your current files https://mega.nz/file/ilUyCBTC#SeiFjYmiwkAYjy-oby95oz1ADe6gGug9v9b6dl-Uvfg Oh and thinking more about this use at your own risk, works for me just saying
  4. Tried the updater I am getting this error made sure I followed the instructions has anyone run into to this error ?
  5. Is this Launcher still available ? PM sent
  6. Seen a shit ton of posts on this subject someone has probably already shared this I thought I would post this maybe someone can use it or needs it drop this in your rf_bin\script folder QuestLvLimitEvent.dat this will disable the 50 quest https://mega.nz/file/f50jBYSS#HjP_TX8Pr2yc0CK495J2YeYrwcUIIAz0gW6VyUA0V6I
  7. Spikey

    Hello RF-Dev!!

    Building new server glutton for punishment lol
  8. I heard of someone doing this a few years back, I'm sure if someone had the time it could be done but it would involve modifying the database to represent each race, class and PT's so you can use higher level weapons and armor that's if your not going to edit the item files. If your just looking to make a PvP server just crank up your rates to an insane amount. however interesting question
  9. Thanks ErlBinary I ended up using MSSQL Profiler which showed me the process Thanks for the input
  10. Spikey

    HVN Mini

    Found it already I keep doing lol sorry
  11. Spikey

    HVN Mini

    All, Been out of the RF seen for sometime now and I am getting back into it, we have been chiseling away at our server and client to customize it etc.. blah blah I have been hearing about HVN Mini I already have Yorozuya but I want to look at HVN too where can I get a copy of it ? Thanks
  12. Has anyone seen this issue when we set our Worldinfo.ini to Release none of our GM commands work our Grade and SubGrade is set to 2 2 but when set to internal everything works. S
  13. Agreed!! The old publishers that had RF were just doing a money grab
  14. I posted this question in Discord too:: hey I have some questions about your RF-Dev Server Databases ? installed it and it runs great the team cleaned it up pretty good been looking on the forum and didn't see anything to answer my question so here goes, I built some query's and every-time I update anything for a character like dalant, bags etc the server crashes when logging in is there some sort of trigger or process I am not seeing in the databases ? ***********************************************************************************************************************************
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