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  1. rexri980

    [HELP] can't play both in LAN mode

    but I only logged in for two people, did I eat 5GB? whereas I play alone only takes 1.5GB
  2. rexri980

    [HELP] can't play both in LAN mode

    excuse me, I'm hitching to ask ... Does anyone know if Zoneserver crashes and crashes when logging in 2 char on a laptop with a different mode? Does anyone have a solution, bro? because I want to play together with my neighbors ... what is the cause of the crash, bro? if it's from RAM but the RAM on the laptop is for a 4GB server and is used only 75% ... please enlighten the temperature ... I don't know how to do it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- permisi min numpang tanya.... ada yang tau ga ya kalo zoneserver crash dan ilang saat login 2 char di laptop yang berbeda mode lan ?? ada yang punya solusinya ga ya min ??? soalnya ane mau main bareng sama tetangga ane... kira kira penyebab crash itu apa ya mas ?? kalo dari ram tapi ram laptop yang untuk server 4gb dan terpakai cuma 75%nya.... mohon pencerahannya para suhu.... ane ga tau harus gimna
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