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  1. jim

    Help using T6 gem

    where can i find the file for T6 Gems i want to edit my T6 gems success rate
  2. jim

    RF Online SEA

    RF SEA (SOUTH-EAST-ASIA) IS NOW UP YES!! SERVER IS UP!! ▪️GRIND AND PVP SERVER ▪️NO DONATIONS ▪️REAL-MONEY-TRADING (RMT) = ENABLE ▪️LVL 55 CAP ▪️XP RATE: x650 ▪️DROP RATE: MEDIUM ▪️SHARE TEMPO = ENABLE ▪️AUTO CB AND CB KILLER REWARD = ENABLE WEB:https://www.rf-sea.online GAMECP:https://sea.gamecp.net/ DOWNLOAD:https://www.rf-sea.online/?do=download RMT GROUP:https://www.facebook.com/groups/2610369388976620/
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