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  1. Senyorito

    Dragon Armor

    tex code on item.edf
  2. Senyorito

    archon armor error 45.50

    storelist.dat problem
  3. Senyorito

    RF Loot Editor - All Versions

    depends how fast your computer is even you need to wait its alot monster code there
  4. Senyorito

    Client critical error when routing items

    version of bin problem i guest or you should not copy all ko-kr files inside of en-gb
  5. Senyorito

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    problem with checksum
  6. Senyorito

    Animus MaxLevel

    zoneserver & rf_online.bin - need edit the max level of animus Character.edf & inanacharacter.dat/paimoncharacter.dat/isischaracter.dat/hecatecharacter.dat - add new block until you have lv81 line
  7. Senyorito

    RF Loot Editor - All Versions

    great work agony 100% help alot
  8. Senyorito

    Is it safe to use GameCP V2?

    it was not safe if someone know your sql information and database
  9. check this file zoneserver / rf bin / rfacc.ini copy and paste this code save it [Options]DBSTR = Provider=MSDASQL;DSN=BILLING;UID=sa;PWD=password;ErrDBSTR = LogLevel = 2 newholystone.ini KeeperCallCode = 45uuc7uu188v85v
  10. Senyorito

    RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    correct me if im wrong agony this is for all version? this is was itemlooting editor right?
  11. Senyorito

    RF Online versions

    215 lvl50 not sure but 223 and 2232 same lvl66
  12. Senyorito

    Help how to remove empty bytes

    check your storelist.dat your error seem show that other code was not on the other files
  13. Senyorito

    RF Server & DB Server

    you should change port of the account login zoneserver server 1= default port server 2= new port
  14. Senyorito

    Customize RF Launcher

    Lower part of launchermessage.ini music = true
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