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  1. How do I modify weapon skill trigger probability?

    your item.edf was not same on your server side thats why it show 100% but on the server side was not
  2. I want to open a game, where to advertise?

    you should spend a time to make your config before you spend money for all things you need you will waste your money to spend good server and gameguard for bad server config balance all race damage def dodge accu
  3. How to modify the gold trading limit?

    first of all this is problem before on ragezone even zoneserver hold the limit of dalant and gold you should better make own strs
  4. How to modify the gold trading limit?

    edit your zoneserver.exe you must convert 500000 to hex code and search it using ultrahex editor or other hex editor after that convert the 100000000 to hex code to change it to the zoneserver.exe
  5. Server Response Issue

    try my custom launcher release even it was for local server just use no_update.exe Custom Launcher + Make Golden Mystery Client 2232
  6. Zone Exit Problem

    delete the number on your zoneserver folder [2. try to delete this one]
  7. Error: Character selection

    I think you can't make it lvl66 only level 65 you should try it
  8. Error: Character selection

    Your level was higher than max level on your tbl_general?
  9. Need Help Login issues

    When you change port 8080 to 8181 on emulator you also change it to your launcher port config?
  10. Need Help Login issues

    So you mean your friend was not same router to your server router right?The only problem was is your launcher can't be open after you click the server your launcher get stuck?and you use local ip or static ip or hamachi?
  11. Need Help Login issues

    Are you sure the login server port and zoneserver port already forward?
  12. Source Code Launcher C#

    You mean like this?
  13. Source Code Launcher C#

    maybe im not good for design i change eveything update all image and texture
  14. Need some advice for gamecp hosting

    Decode gamecp load too slow because apache read all files inside the gamecp folder you should try upload your gamecp files on your hosting and edit the config host will be your server ip PS: if you asking why license gamecp was fast than decode because ioncuber loader help to protect and make read fast all your php files i think so
  15. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    I got same problem before when i try edit my item.edf on strs after that i try open again and all code become FFFF and other was special char so better make back up its happen sometimes