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  1. RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

    correct me if im wrong agony this is for all version? this is was itemlooting editor right?
  2. RF Online versions

    215 lvl50 not sure but 223 and 2232 same lvl66
  3. Help how to remove empty bytes

    check your storelist.dat your error seem show that other code was not on the other files
  4. RF Server & DB Server

    you should change port of the account login zoneserver server 1= default port server 2= new port
  5. Customize RF Launcher

    Lower part of launchermessage.ini music = true
  6. Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    Config.php or user mapping on sql
  7. Weapon Damage Error

    i think your zoneserver module problem? correct me if im wrong you should check also your minattack and maxattack on weaponitem.dat and item.edf
  8. Help Me

    storelist.dat and store.edf was not same check that both files
  9. kindly read this we saying that you are in the wrong section https://rf-dev.net/topic/283-support-guidelines/
  10. Wrong section make your own thread but that problem will be storelist.dat and store.edf was not compatible
  11. Max Level 55

    for animus you should cut lvl56 to lvl66 animus line or delete some block count to your animus .dat files so once your animus will never havr chance to reach lvl56 to lvl66 animus
  12. RF GameCP V2

    your user mapping don't forget that you need mapping your "sa" user login to all database
  13. Remove Portals

    Client: Ndmap.edf and Map.edf
  14. [Help] Animus summoning problem

    correct you should check your pts and also that is a problem with c.a or else you are not council thats why you cant use it?
  15. Buff Timers

    m_bufftime you will see it