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  1. waraikobuot

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Why It shows two Logo Icon for Female and single only for a male? It has something to do with Eff files or something else? Also anyone can help me the correct calculations for adjusting the logo, please see sample below
  2. were is your discord group?
  3. Bro Suggestions, can you put your changelogs in your main post it gives u a lot of trouble to look for your change logs.
  4. ah hehehe, Its seems your services is nice, but still waiting of other customer/client feedback.
  5. how is your experience now?
  6. what is your server bro?
  7. waraikobuot

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Hello, I have a question, can I modify or change the the value of the .EFF File? For example: F6 04 and F5 04 If we convert to hex the F6 04(4F6) the Hex value will be 1270 and for F5 04(4F5) is 1269. as you can see to the image bellow this particle number is not available. This will work if I manual replace the 4 Digit number i.e F6 04 to F9 09 - 9F9(Hex) = 2553 and use the new particle code?
  8. Hello Bro, Good we are going to purchase your 75$ Webtemplate + GameCP(6months). Can I ask your assistance. Which of the following bellow is the best choice hosting for your script? https://www.hostgator.com/windows-hosting/shared-compare https://ph.godaddy.com/hosting/windows-hosting https://www.a2hosting.com/web-hosting/windows Or do you have recommended hosting services?
  9. waraikobuot

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Anyone can help me how to change this glow? this is lvl 53 armor?
  10. waraikobuot

    OwnDev vs HVN vs DevCorp vs Odin Secure

    Can we try it to test in our server? currently we are on testing and still looking for the game guard were we can afford. are we allowed to test your game guard for 10days or 15days?
  11. waraikobuot

    OwnDev vs HVN vs DevCorp vs Odin Secure

    How many server using your Game Guard?
  12. waraikobuot

    OwnDev vs HVN vs DevCorp vs Odin Secure

    Hello Good Day! We are planning to up a new server, but we are having trouble with the Game Guard, I would like to ask the pros and cons if I choose OwnDev or HVN since DevCorp is popular but it is quite expensive . 1. We want a secured and has less issue GameGuard that has a capability to protect both server and client side. 2. Modules, like autoloots, shared tempo, NPC buff, Say Boss"messages will appear if PB is respawn or died and who killed it" (HVN does not have this module) and modules that can be use for events. 3. Now we only have 250-600$ budget for the Game Guard maybe (3months) since it is our first server, and we might considering purchasing Dev Corp(with or without issues) after 3months. Because we are planning a long term server not just for 1month, 2months or 3months, we want at least more than a year or longer than that. Hopping someone can give us a pros and cons on every Game Guard thank you very much. BTW if you have feedback regarding this unpopular gameguard OwnDev and Odin Secure hows their security and your personal experience using this game guard I will appreciate that, thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, the lifetime license we have the copy of the source code? and we are allowed it to host on our own server?.
  14. waraikobuot

    [v] - RF-RED-

    Hello got critical error, do you have full client patch?
  15. waraikobuot

    Pack RF Online Development

    this password is working? "www.rf-dev.net" mine its not working
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