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  1. TheArchitect

    How to change third chip war time if finish @ 2 hours ?

    no, but I'm guessing server time may be incorrect
  2. TheArchitect

    Need NDQuest.strs, Please help

    Use it as an example and make your own [filemask="ndquest.dat"] struct ndquestFile { u32 nQuestItemRows; u32 nQuestItemSize; child QuestItems [group="Квестовые Трофеи",offset=8, count=nQuestItemRows]; global [value=nQuestItemRows*nQuestItemSize] b1; seek(b1+8); u32 IndexBlocks; u32 IndexSize; child something [group="Indexes", offset=(b1+16), count=IndexBlocks]; global [value=b1+8+IndexBlocks*IndexSize] b2; seek(b2); u32 qTitleBlocks; u32 qTitleSize; child qTitle [group="Text", offset=(b2+8), count=IndexBlocks]; } struct QuestItems{ cstr [len=32] "Название"; } struct something [preload=1, tableview=1] { u32 "nIdx"; x32 "QuestCode"; u32 "Title Size"; u32 "??"; //u16 "??"; } struct qTitle [preload, tableview] { cstr (len= [count=Len]); } general tips: all quest titles, storylines, conversations, objectives and descriptions stored within "text" section. Each text-item has index, and if your client Quest.dat sctructure is accurate (or, at least 98%), you'll be able to see which is which. "Indexes" section, contains mostly order and length information. I.E. "Index" row #0 (first one), looks like this (highlighted): Which means that first text in "Text" section has index "0" and length of 17 simbols. "Quest Code" column not strictly required, and I couldn't figure out what is the purpose of that column, so I made it "quest code". Originally, in my files - this column was nulled Then we go to the "Text" section and see following: Here, we can see text of row #0, with length of 17 simbols (you can count it yourself if you want proof). So now, you can't put any new simbols in that row, cause before, in "Indexes" section, that exact row was set to 17 simbols length, so in order to make new text row, you should add row into "indexes" section, set length of the text you want to add (lets say 256 simbols), and then add another row into "text" section with that length (256 simbols or less, but never more). Memorize that text number (nIdx) and set it to client Quest.dat columns in right places.
  3. TheArchitect

    Crafting Tools

    Try ItemMakeData.dat in scripts folder
  4. TheArchitect

    How to Update RF to same file with Redfox Client

    What is your goal here? Be as specific as you can be. If it's just for looks - it's one thing, and there is a chance that something can be done. If it's for game mechanics test, than it's pointless. You don't know for sure what changes was made in "new" versions relatevly to, which means your "test" results will be useless.
  5. TheArchitect

    How to change third chip war time if finish @ 2 hours ?

    schedule.dat in server scripts. Here you can change time of start all 3 CW. If you set it to 22:00, it will end at 00:00. If I got it right what you wanted to do.
  6. TheArchitect

    [HELP] Upgrade Chance

    actually, there is a formula that calculates success rate. Unfortunately, I don't remember the formula, and don't know where to find it. Maybe here somewhere on forum. The point is, this values have their parts in modification formula, as well as the basic rates from ZS Which means, you have to find Item Upgrade Formula first, look at the variables and then you'll know what to do
  7. TheArchitect

    [HELP] Upgrade Chance

    you need to find gem item codes, for example irgef01, and then go to column m_fJewelFieldValue; Be carefull - you should calculate the chances before editing those values
  8. TheArchitect

    [HELP] Upgrade Chance

    2 ways to do that: 1. In ZoneServer, you have to edit basic success rate for upgrade, downgrade, failure and item destroy each of types of items that you use 2. By editing gems "power" in server script "ItemUpgrade.dat", this way it's easier but not complete I suggest it would be better to do both For ZoneServer you need to find some strs file, which will allow you to edit those basic rates, or - you could do it via hex editor by searching offsets. The offsets are somewhere here
  9. TheArchitect

    Quest Codes

    вот это лайк, вот это я понимаю) Благодарю за ответ)
  10. TheArchitect

    Quest Codes

    English version I'm interested particularly in quest_act_watch_npc ; What do I have to do in this case? Watch who? Ok, lets say we set npc code who we're gonna watch. Watch how long? Watch where? When is the end of the "watch" act? Or maybe it's guarding job, like Night's Watch?) Does that action even work? I doubt it could be checked in game. At least without any similar quest existing... Next is quest_condition_code_have; Does it mean to have something in possession? What about quest_condition_code_race? Haven't we set race code before? QUEST_FAIL_TIME_LESS - less than what? In case of QUEST_FAIL_TIME_OVER it's simple: if you fail to pass the quest in X minutes from the moment you got it - you fail, and then you get FailCode Quest. We know that, because there is an existing quest, which uses that failcode; QUEST_FAIL_CORPSE - This fail condition is possible to check, because we can assume that if you die before passing the quest - you've failed; I'm gonna check that one soon and report the results here; QUEST_FAIL_KILL_MONSTER - how do you fail to kill a monster? Someone else killed it? He died himself? He escaped? Or maybe there is a time condition involved? I doubt it could be checked; QUEST_FAIL_LOOT_ITEM - again, how you could fail to loot an item? If you didn't, then kill another mob and try again. Maybe there is a time condition? This one is the pain in the ass to check
  11. TheArchitect

    Quest Codes

    Перевести что там написано одно дело, но вот понять что это за функция - совсем другое. Допустим тот же watch_npc - это "наблюдать", что это за действие такое "наблюдать"?) Сколько наблюдать? Когда наблюдать? Где? Наугад это врядли выяснишь, следовательно нужно выцепить функцию с используемыми полями из скрипта, а подобных квестов и нет, чтобы посмотреть образец. QUEST_FAIL_TIME_OVER = 0 - тут всё просто: указывается время в минутах, и если с момента получения прошло Х времени - квест фейлится и выдается новый из соответствующего поля. Это можно было выявить по квесту на айзена. QUEST_FAIL_TIME_LESS = 1 ??? Тоже, предположим, что как написано - такой и смысл. Время меньше чем Х. Ну допустим поставили Х, как и где будет определяться что время меньше чем Х и относительно чего?) Тоже не выяснить экспериментально. QUEST_FAIL_CORPSE = 2 - дословно - труп. Предположив, что если ты умрешь - квест фейлится. Тут в принципе можно потестить. Займусь чуть позже и отпишу. QUEST_FAIL_KILL_MONSTER - сфейлил убить моба?) Опять таки, как определить что я сфейлил?) Не добил? Он сбежал? Он сдох от старости?) QUEST_FAIL_LOOT_ITEM - сфейлил залутать? Врядли тут всё так банально. Сфейлил залутать, ну убей другого моба да залутай. Наверняка что-то еще тут есть. Из 5 фейл кодов проверить экспериментально можно 2... И то, потому что 1 уже есть. И Это только по фейл кодам, а что с условиями? Я имею ввиду: quest_condition_code_grade=1 - иметь определенный ранг расы quest_condition_code_dalant - определенное кол-во денег . . . quest_condition_code_have тут как быть?) quest_condition_code_race - типа какая раса должна быть? так а заранее не определяется разве расовая принадлежность квеста?)
  12. TheArchitect

    Quest Codes

    Some clues how to use it maybe? I mean, what is this? quest_act_watch_npc = 17 When and where to use conditions? quest_condition_code_lv=0, quest_condition_code_grade=1, quest_condition_code_dalant=2, quest_condition_code_gold=3, quest_condition_code_party=4, quest_condition_code_guild=5, quest_condition_code_nation=6, quest_condition_code_equip=7, quest_condition_code_have=8, quest_condition_code_mastery=9, quest_condition_code_dummy=10, quest_condition_code_race=11 And what does that mean? QUEST_FAIL_TIME_OVER = 0, QUEST_FAIL_TIME_LESS = 1, QUEST_FAIL_CORPSE = 2, QUEST_FAIL_KILL_MONSTER = 3, QUEST_FAIL_LOOT_ITEM = 4, На чистом русском: что за действие "watch_npc"? Где использовать условия? И что значат коды фейлов (очевидно 0 тип - кончилось время, а остальное)?
  13. TheArchitect

    Looking for designers and more

    Hi everyone! I am part of the team that is developing a new RFO server and we are looking for those, who can do things below: * Create new armor/weapon/SK/MAU/turrets/capes/monster and etc. Not just repaint all existing ones, but creating absolutely new, with high quality textures attached to a bones (skills to create new bones also will be good) and visual effects item sets. * Change maps: cut locations, place/delete walls/floors, fix texture holes, create entities, etc... * Create and change animations for skills, bullets, magic effects, etc (spt files) * Draw new sprite images, lots of it * Design a web-site template, along with launcher design, which may and will be different and much complex than those you've seen before, in-game interface, and other web-based design projects We're open to discuss your skills and payment. And of course it is not a one man job, so if you work with team or friends - we can talk about that too. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding designers work on our project
  14. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    Sort of... Now I am working on attachment of parts to each key. Something is missing though...
  15. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    I am sorry, I found the answer by myself... All 12 keys can be bought
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