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  1. Hi everyone! I am part of the team that is developing a new RFO server and we are looking for those, who can do things below: * Create new armor/weapon/SK/MAU/turrets/capes/monster and etc. Not just repaint all existing ones, but creating absolutely new, with high quality textures attached to a bones (skills to create new bones also will be good) and visual effects item sets. * Change maps: cut locations, place/delete walls/floors, fix texture holes, create entities, etc... * Create and change animations for skills, bullets, magic effects, etc (spt files) * Draw new sprite images, lots of it * Design a web-site template, along with launcher design, which may and will be different and much complex than those you've seen before, in-game interface, and other web-based design projects We're open to discuss your skills and payment. And of course it is not a one man job, so if you work with team or friends - we can talk about that too. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding designers work on our project
  2. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    Sort of... Now I am working on attachment of parts to each key. Something is missing though...
  3. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    I am sorry, I found the answer by myself... All 12 keys can be bought
  4. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    no, I am talking about adding more new keys in game. I mean, there are 4 of them already (Goliath, Catapult, Nomade, Engineer), and I want to add more And what have I already done: I added 8 "new" keys to server and client, and added them to the store. After that, I tried to buy some of them, but I could not do that. Nothing is happening when I am trying to buy keys 9-12 (server is working and stable) UPD: FRAType of keys 9, 10, 11, 12 I set 0 and 1
  5. TheArchitect

    MAU development

    Hi everyone. What do we all know about MAU in general? There are two types of MAU completely done by developers and implemented in the game - Goliath and Catapult. Also, I think we all know, that there is two more unit keys for Engineer and Nomade. But they don’t have any due implementation (I am talking mostly about Some of you may know, that if you change a few bytes in zoneserver, you can change the maximum number of those unit keys. If you won’t do that, than while you are trying to add more keys in unitkeyitem.dat you will get critical errors and could not completely implement new MAU. So, If you know that, than I want to ask you next: Is it really impossible to add more than 8 keys total in the game?
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