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    Guide feedback

    Hey guys, first I want to thank everyone that has helped develop this project. As a complete noob it was really easy and quick to setup my server, but while reading the guide I thought about some thing that could be improved/clarified. I think it would be nice to have all the information related to system requirements in the first section of the guide ( Getting Started ), this would help people to setup a machine/vm with everything they need at the start, also although it appears that you guys are trying to make this project as inclusive as possible when it comes to OS and other system related things I think it would be good to have a recommended setting, which OS to use, amount of RAM and etc. On the second section (Installing MSSQL) you mention installing ODBC 13 for windows 7 but on the next section (Game Databases) you mention installing ODBC 17 and you use ODBC 17 on the examples. This may be a dumb thing but, if I understood it correctly you should use ODBC 13 driver on windows 7 and ODBC 17 on windows 10. If that is the case I don`t think you need different image example with ODBC 13 but it would be nice to have a note on this section (Game Databases) stating to use ODBC 13 in windows 7 to make it clearer. At the end of the third section (Game Databases) there`s a extra image. I don't know if this is possible but it might be interesting to move all the pre config installations to be done before everything. EX: RF Dependencies.exe, msodbcsql, vc_redist On the fourth section (Install Server) after each Server file there's a image of all the possible commands, although they're pretty self explanatory it would be better to have a link to a wiki page explaining all the commands, their respective files and what they are used for. On the fifth section (Install Client) when creating a GM account you mention that the first FilterNum must start with 0 but the text being used as a example has 2 FilterNum = 1, one under IPAddress and one under ID, I don`t know if it's a typo or not. If you don`t change the Firegard option in the zoneserver folder from False to 1 you get stuck before the firegard login (the files don't come pre configured in this regard), don`t know if it`s intentional or not. Hope my feedback help and keep up the great work!
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