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    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    so uhmm i'm a total noob at this , 0 experience and knowledge in coding. (really trying from reading and researching) -downloaded your source and opened it up on visual studio 17 (first time trying this program changed the ip and port in rf.cs inside visual studio to my servers i.p and port (not localy hosted server so i'm guessing it's called global ip?) clicked build, went to the source folder, bin, then got the rflauncher.exe from there and copy pasted it to the game folder gave me an connection error 1 and i'm kinda stuck.. been searching for more beginner guides but couldn't find any.. would really appreciate it if anyone could help. thanks! 😃 [url=https://imgbb.com/][img=https://i.ibb.co/Y8nnLw8/Screenshot-1.jpg][/url]
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