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  1. primo89

    [v] - RF-RED-

    Thank you..
  2. primo89

    Files RF alveim ii pls

    How to change the client to english? I tried changing in r3engine.ini but not working. Anyone has english patch for this?
  3. primo89

    Patron Skin Full

    DatafileInit - .\script\UpperItem.datÆÄÀÏÀÇ Çì´õ(3916632)¶û ½ÇÁ¦ »çÀÌÁî(3932160)°¡ ´Ù¸£´Ù CGameServerDoc Error - DataFileInit() Error - CGameServerView::OnCreate(...) : g_Main.Init() Fail! Anyone has encountered these errors when opening zone server? please help. Fixed: Forgot to use DatCutter
  4. primo89

    Patron Skin Full

    What zoneserver to use for this bro? I am having a problem using Yorozuya Zone Server.. Can you share to me your working zoneserver for this update? please
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