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  1. primo89


    Bump! I hope you're doing good @legendofcr33d. Keep the drum rolling bro!
  2. primo89

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    Should these be already included in the query? alright i'll try to figure out how to put it.
  3. primo89

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    Ok I tried these queries and It kicked me out of the game after 5 min? Executed the queries properly without errors. Any thoughts gurus?
  4. primo89

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    So technically you can't have this NPC buff without devcorp?
  5. primo89

    RF_Online.bin Download Archive

    Can I ask for a good bin strs please...
  6. primo89

    Useful Offsets

    How to generate VerKey? can be random?
  7. Did you merge Blackfritz work or you created your own translations? Anyway, thank you for sharing your effort.
  8. primo89

    Change Launcher Notice title when Wrong Password/ETC

    It's in the launcher message inside en-gb. Thanks bro.
  9. Anyone know how to edit the notice title RF Demetris?
  10. primo89

    Zone Crashed when Exit

    Fixed. Forgot to set HBKPath = C:\Work\ HBK HistoryPath = C:\Work\History
  11. primo89

    Zone Crashed when Exit

    Hi. I badly needed anyone's knowledge regarding crash when exit. I noticed everytime I exit from the game, zone crashes especially a GM account. Anyone has encountered this problem?
  12. primo89

    Server Partnership

    What do you mean by application? This is not a job or something that requires my credential. Just kidding. I already have partners. Thanks. Please close this thread.
  13. primo89

    Server Partnership

    Hi. I need a partner for RF online private server. I don't have the files but I can pay for a dedicated server and I can also develop. In short I need someone who has the complete files to run online and can manage the server together. If you are interested please pm.
  14. primo89


    Can you please upload your .dat here so I can check.
  15. primo89


    What did you put in itemcombine as a result of that 5 stacks?
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