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  1. Best release so far I've seen.. not for long everyone will be using same Launcher with the same functions. Nice Work brother!!
  2. As requested by a friend I was able to produce this tool to help him on his project. Since I haven't seen any of this kind (maybe web based idk) I decided to release it for free but this version only works in a local connection. Remote version will be available by request. This could somehow help newbies or even on going Admins for their server managing GM Accounts. Instead of manually adding by SQL Queries. Simply this tool enables you to add and delete GM accounts as you like. Only works where your server machine is located. How it works requires simple Reading and T
  3. Check Potion dat files so as item.edf... see if they are enabled to be used for Cash...
  4. P-DevOrg


    i would suggest to use tools posted/released in this forum.. no headaches... cheers!!
  5. yow broh, you can use the RF Manage Tool to do this, it can delete equipped items if i'm not mistaken..
  6. yes I can test it out.. sent you a pm..
  7. idk why but its not working..
  8. Sir, where to find the bolean value here to display premium service? I have been using this launcher but it doesn't show in my client even in billing status is 2, and if I use the orig launcher prem service shows, only on this launcher it doesn't, I PMed you already on discord but did not found the boloean value you mean. sorry for this.. Hope you can show us where to find it..
  9. If you are using the Dev Launcher by Ron, there's a chance that you might experience that, since the launcher is still under development, most of the time it will occur when you're using v2232 since the dev launcher is originally made for 2232, well correct me if i'm wrong, it might be your launcher.. try to use other launcher instead..
  10. Try to check PatchInfo.z if checksum is updated(maybe not sure).. and try to delete FileData.z..
  11. any good processors will do, 4 cores at least.. if you want to run both server and client at the same PC you should at least have 8GB Ram, I like my server installed in SSD it gives a boost opening the app.... no fancy GPU needed,, if you need any help, send me a message, I can set it up for you,, for FREE ofc.. just a local server to toy with.. Good luck in your new journey..
  12. First Step is ! Read articles in the Guide section. (i assumed you already did) It will basically help you answer your questions, and pretty much google will also help you find what you need. Explore all sections of this forum first. If you need assistance, clarifications and others send me a message or the rest of the guys here you think might be able to help and guide you accordingly.. Welcome to rf-dev.net!
  13. Hello fellow RF-Dev member s, I am not really sure if its the correct column to change so i'm here asking for a 2nd opinion, m_ClassGradeLim in which only archon members can wear/equip.. if not which column, and if it is the right column,, can anyone share description of each classgrade,, did not tried to search it yet since i'm not yet sure its the one i'm looking for,, And does Race Leader is a different ClassGrade from Members like Consul down to Support?,, Thank you all for the response.. Happy New Year!!!!
  14. can you share your RF_User DB and BILLING DB? or who's DB's you are using?,, cause maybe your User DB is configured to auto insert account to your billing or its your Game CP reg query inserts account to your billing..
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