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  1. P-DevOrg

    Premium Issue

    can you share your RF_User DB and BILLING DB? or who's DB's you are using?,, cause maybe your User DB is configured to auto insert account to your billing or its your Game CP reg query inserts account to your billing..
  2. Bro Jesse, check ODBC and don't forget the very basic "Run as Administrator". =) Welcome Back to RF.. pm flix please.. hehehe
  3. P-DevOrg

    Do you need 8080 or can i use 8181

    i don't think Web Emulator has to do something about it.. there must be some configuration needed to reconfigure to make it work..
  4. P-DevOrg

    ToolTipIndex(Item Description)

    I think you need edit/add NDItem.edf on client side.. so basically its a client side need update..
  5. P-DevOrg

    RF GameCP V2

    try to change the host = Server Name for ex. $mssql['gamecp']['host'] = 'localhost\SQLEXPRESS'; this depends on your Server Name..
  6. P-DevOrg

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Amazing how free source made a free man Learn by themselves.. All Credits to Owner of the Source code..
  7. yes I can do the php script to do it, you already lend me a hand regarding that one.. what I was trying to ask now is what you just said my NEED TO Reconfigure.. =) I already did it without using the php script from registration. but rather from logging in your account that updates BILLING only that Cash Shop in-game has error [Cash Related: DB ERROR] ..
  8. I know this isn't new, yes I was able to do it successfully but with an old Billing from Roslaw and did the RF_User procedure accordingly, but in the event of buying the items IN-Game, Cash Related: DB Error Occurs, so I thought its the Billing DB is wrong in which I cannot figure out which is which, or maybe some procedure script is wrong such as ChargeBalance. I am no good in this field in which basic Select/Update/INSERT queries are all I know.. Now I changed my BILLING again with Roslaw but the new 1 for Dev-corp. I can manage to logged in Normal account but without Premium Service on. so its a failure I suppose, i modified RF_User procedure already matching to the new BILLING, in which I also able to purchase Cash Items IN-Game. But my registration did not update my BILLING. Until few days of trying, without using php script for the autoregistration towards billing db, I now drag myself here to ask people around regarding this one. Salamat!
  9. P-DevOrg

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Check your Release Folder Under Bin Folder.. Include Redmoon in your rf client folder with the launcher..
  10. P-DevOrg

    RF Auto Update Launcher

    Try This one, if it works, then you lack 1 line. start your count of 8,302 lines from line 2.. or 8303 total lines in .txt file.. PatchInfo.txt
  11. Finding ways to give a good protection, and when you are able to do so, another one will be made, server is protected today safe and sound, then tomorrow comes or a few days, another breach has been made,, wth,, sooooooooo,, annoying.... why do people have to cheat?,, lol
  12. P-DevOrg

    RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    i think i have a copy of these that does not require ioncube, anyways ioncube is used i think to protect the files not get stolen for those paid version.. well, I made some added pages for this but only just basic files since i'm not yet into php that much, i'm a noob,, and if ever there will be more interesting things added to it, i'll be willing to contribute..