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  1. Dev Crime

    RF GameCP V2

    edit the database to your need inside php, i forgot which one was it but it was there somewhere i know
  2. appserv also works, its easy too if you cant find xampp
  3. You're welcome, but its having RFDevLauncher name and logo on it tho, but yeah its good, atleast they can know about rf-dev.net but how do you know my real name ?
  4. Hello Guys, I had been working on a launcher even though i have 0 knowledge on coding or any language. I've been depending on rf-dev members and forums, and various sources as references to do simple tasks. I've been looking for a launcher with updater , i know many others do too. So i tried my best to use many resources and stuffs to combine it up for one launcher to use. I know even though i didn't coded everything from scratch, i do hope that you guys can appreciate my dedication and time i spend ( i know for some it wont take much time, but someone with 0 knowledge like
  5. its for 2232 it will work, what error you gets, clarify more with a pic or something? so we can know what exactly you are stuck with.
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