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  1. Dev Crime

    RF GameCP V2

    Bruh, Can you try using your Name of your PC there on host ?
  2. Dev Crime

    who have this mau skin

    You can make one of your own like that bruh
  3. Dev Crime

    2.1.6 Zoneserver crashing

    Try run dat cutter on Medicallab2 folder , that might fix your problem, its mostly caused due to extra bytes. Location : Zoneserver > RF_Bin > Map > Medicallab2
  4. Dev Crime

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Already did nuna, it works good without any thing, but when use any items with set effects, like armor or ring/amu with ( yellow ) effects then it will show this error, if not use any items with set effects it will not show error.
  5. Dev Crime

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Lately found out this Error / Bug or how ever its called lols , When ever we use an item with set effects ( Yellow Effects ) Armors or Elems when you gets hit by mob or other race, and when your potion ( HP ) works , it will shows error like potion related unknown error : 9 I am not sure why this is caused. I then tried with Dev Corp and it doesnt appear, so i guess its something in zone maybe ? You guys can check on them ?
  6. Making a deal with someone and the other one scams you and block you on every social media, and then release the files for public ?
  7. Dev Crime

    RF GameCP V2

    Confirmed these files are from Carlos aka Capiroto , Owner of CJ-Protect , Mostly known scammer on Brazil , As per some experience. And these files were passed to LewS or either Capiroto and LewS will be same Person. Please do inform where the source from LewS
  8. Dev Crime

    RF GameCP V2

    So LewS where you got this files, you do have any connection with Capiroto ? I seems like the one i had and one scammed me was Capiroto for this . Any connection ?
  9. Dev Crime

    RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    Most of em have Gamecp newer version i guess.
  10. Dev Crime

    About yellow word properties

    I guess what he meant was Set effect ( Yellow ) as the cheat means, set effect stacking bug.
  11. Dev Crime

    Need Help -pvpcash

    Yes, as ron mentioned its not a bug, You can try use other Zone , DB and test if its good. - Just a suggestion -
  12. Dev Crime

    Gate to Heavens Project

    Oh Yeaaaaaa , Sure, I will be checking on it right away, Will surely add credit tho. If success i will be able to post the tutorial here. Thanks bro.
  13. Dev Crime

    Gate to Heavens Project

    Guys By Any means this same method is used for making new model for rf online ? Just curious to know about it.
  14. Dev Crime

    Need Help -pvpcash

    Jdag, you can check your ini, for PVP Point, if it do have the right lines for the pvp points, and also check the sql ( try use other DB If it still appears ).
  15. Dev Crime

    3rd Job 223

    I think someone would love to have it ! 3rd Job for 223 servers My first post here tho. Download the files You can either use this zone and bin, If you'd like to use your own bin, You can either use strs or follow Tutorial of msd_18 Thanks. Credits #Crimeforsavingthefiles #Power-Devforsendingmethefiles-3-4yearsago I just found on my HDD so i thought simply put it here. 3rd_Job_223.rar