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  1. sorry my link was down, here is the new one https://mega.nz/#F!WgdQxICQ!wUtiM2ILKqxlelPJwSfYmQ or you could get the killerwoody version on https://mega.nz/#!rfo1laTC!VQpVKkfmuJFbnqTsRac-H_dNOwKZK6K--1LY_6vYBw4
  2. blackfritz

    New portal problem

    your linked place is error, or your map spt edited wrong, check again
  3. blackfritz

    System erro e erro character

    https://gitlab.com/rf-dev I use this one, credit Ron or use this one: credit also to Ron
  4. blackfritz

    Help.. How add new portal

    there's a lot to do. server side 1. Make a new portal spawn location in yourmap.spt. ex. neutralb.spt 2. edit [PORTAL].dat, make sure you add 1 block on last row, and add +1 on the header client side 1. Edit Map.edf in 010 editor, go to yourmap data, then expand portal section. 2. add 1 block on last row, and add +1 on the portal count. 3. you need to edit link portal also. In my opinion, just use existing portal, and edit it. it's way easier
  5. blackfritz

    [HELP] can't play both in LAN mode

    not enough RAM I think.. server needs 5gb or more..
  6. blackfritz

    Remove Portals

    ok solved.. to remove Portals client side, open your map.edf, using 010 editor template, then change the portal data inside map. Change the following: minVec3 float z to 9999.000000 and maxVec3 float z to 9999.000000 to change portal name, just edit the name in ndmap.edf. to make sure no one can enter the portal by hacking/editing your new map.edf, edit the portal data on server side [PORTAL].dat, change minLv to enter = 90 or above
  7. blackfritz

    System erro e erro character

    I think you need to find clean server files and try again
  8. blackfritz

    [Help] Success Downgrade and Destroy

    check on your item.edf, or check on your serverside script upperitem.dat, weaponitem.dat, etc on the grade field
  9. blackfritz

    Remove Portals

    can someone explain this one? I can't seem to understand map.edf on how to edit portal, remove portal, and change portal name
  10. Hello, here I give you my promised gu_in files. But first to clarify, I'm not racist and I don't hate Russian, I just can't read the language, so I made English version of these: 1. Item.edf 2. Character.edf 3. Store.edf I can't contact the Author to buy full version. This one I made using the released files above Link: https://mega.nz/#F!WgdQxICQ!wUtiM2ILKqxlelPJwSfYmQ Please tell if link / something inside is broken, I'll take a look and fix it Credit: Trirozhka, Wade, me Enjoy!
  11. Hello, how do I change character creation spawn point, so that it's not on tutorial map / HQ, but on Crag Mine / Ether?
  12. blackfritz

    Client Sound Optimization

    anyone tried this, can tell if there's any performance impact?
  13. Sorry, just view the tutorial here (credit Capiroto): Though I'm not sure what language was that. maybe Brazil? just follow the picture, and don't forget to save backup of this video. I have feeling it's going down Next I will post my en-gb item.edf parser (still got some critical error on RF client when using the generated item.edf, so I can't send yet)
  14. Hello guys, I got problem on installation, which already solved. (credit: Strannik). Problem: 1. Memory Leaking RAM when using the parser. 2. Need about 10-20 minutes to parse one dat file. Solution: My problem is because I'm not using Trirozhka included appserv 2.5.10 on the zip. Which he stated on the recommended requirements: I'm not sure why my xampp installation (xampp's apache and php) causing that problem, though it's better to follow Trirozhka requirements. Anyway for the installation guide just follow this: Features: 1. parsing from server dat files to txt files 2. Open txt files using excel 3. Edit excel files in excel, and save as txt with tab delimiter. 4. generate client files from server files Anymore questions regarding this can ask me on Support section, I'll help what I can. Thank you.
  15. blackfritz

    Match chip model effect

    up this please, I can't seem to fix this flying disk effect
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