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  1. Your Client is not latest version

    aaaa for map script if you edit in map folder and something wrong with your edit than you can't launch your zone... are you have defoult map script?.. or i guess try to reinstal your server and check one by one to find where you miss [ sorry my english not good...
  2. [HELP] about IP

    Anyone can help me about ip config server and emulator .. which part of the settings should I change into wan ip and ip lan.. couse I change the server ip to my lan ip and emulator with wan ip but I can't connect to my server in other computer... but i can login in server computers,,,, I already open port in firewall and port forwarding in my router to,,,
  3. Mr. Ron

    Mr. @Ron I'm want to say sorry before,,, i want to asking about you post in RZ, like up there,,, you say, " if you are using website software hosted remotely, forwarding your mssql port is also required..." what I want to asking is what its website software. It's like hosting panel like, Cpanel or something else,? and for port mssql its from "name pipe" ?
  4. Your Client is not latest version

    yeah dat's right.. but iff you using titaniumzoneserver cek network config in folder Zone Server\RF_Bin\Module
  5. [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

    okay so i need change the exemple: ENABLE= TRUE START_DATE= 20171201 END_DATE= 20181201 and for the item can i change to other item? iff yess where i should edit?
  6. [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

    anyone know how i should edit to make new player get item like this...
  7. Help Create The New CashShop

    yeah you got dat point.. and if your chase not the structure i can't help you couse i never try dat way,,,hahahahaha im so sorry
  8. Help Create The New CashShop

    @kshmilyhui hai my friend why you don't use dateditor with strs?.. for my preseption its more easyer to edit itemcash and Nditemcash... cousee i edit all my edf and dat with dat editor with strs and noting error come except my storelist and store... hahahaha just give suggestions
  9. RF Store Builder

    @PrinceRay so i need to convert integer to hex in storelist.dat or change the strs file? to avoid the error couse i put 7FFFFFFF in stroelistdat as x32 ItemupCode; but the result same,,, i give my screnshoot in couple hours.....
  10. RF Store Builder

    ohh my god i gladly found this,,, but why my upgrader slot weapon in npc gone,,, i trying serch in google and other forum and so on and so far and finaly can't find where the problem,, i allready to rewrite my strs end serch again in my zoneserver.h but and i caange my slot cal $7FFFFFFF in server side, then i used this toll and the result give same ,,, for wepon.dat boster.dat all armor .dat i check them all and have +7 upgrader or because my strs..? aaaaaa yeah i try using this strs to,, i don't remember who build this strs,,, cose i get so manny strs from my friend in he old hdd,, and from google to,, so i don't remember dat all.. im so sorry to distrub you all with my problem,,, hihihih
  11. [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    @PrinceRay hai buddy i have question about event i dont get it in this config put exemple i get from monevent1.ini yeesss i figure it out what map means... i try to change map name to NeutralA with coordinate x,y,z and my event going well,,, thank you @PrinceRay
  12. [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    hahaha,, im so sorry,,, now working perfecly... and whay my button npc rollback to default,, like my npc ambasador i allredy edit and testing and working perfecly and now going back do default,, this problem couse titanium zone server or something else,, because this problem show after i change from old zoneserver to titanium,,,
  13. [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    im sorry man i have error .. las day i don't test in game just run titanium zone server... when i klik pill pvp like code in potion.ini for exemple %* ipgld04 and my pvp still zero (0) all pvp capsule not working,,, and i want asking the module folder should copy to Initialize folder or just in rf_bin folder like this Server2232\Zone Server\RF_Bin\Module this my setup in potion ini
  14. Lua event system examples

    this script need to command strart in game or auto start,,,? like %evenstart <code event>
  15. [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    yeeeeeeessssss,, dat working,,, thanks you Kyzryu.