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  1. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    and clientdb.dat, is it a temp file who stock all data like a cache file client side ?
  2. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    Thank, yes it was character.edf i have put my old file . its work, but , it would be interessing to know how & why its has fixing. I have a little search but idk
  3. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    Hi, Have same problem and i have already check commandchat.ini in datatable is ok. Is the trouble from server side ? any suggestions ?
  4. rfbug

    [v] - RF-RED-

    HI, when i up 65 and logout and back . I have character error. I imagine is a trouble in rf_bin client side right ? how can do ?
  5. Hi I search (have already search on gg lot but nothing) something wich can reload my scripts i have modified without quit my zone server, if existed, its will so usefull
  6. rfbug

    Lua event system examples

    Agony any tutorial (library with function lists) for lua script for rf exist on internet ? i have do a search and only have this post ?
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