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  1. Thanks, yes since i have do a reverse data and have a calculate sheet on this items. Storelist , ItemCombine.xlsx , ItemMakeData.xlsx have fix too in calculate data (before , on the original file is just a sheet not calculate)
  2. Anyone can tell what is ? and how we can determined the values for a new item ? : Defence_DP MaxDP Example for old item from database 66 Name,Defence_DP,MaxDP Fine Intense Legion Full Helm -2 172
  3. I do a reverse Engeneering of all a client , and in they have all the last itemcombine 60+. If i can decompile client file after i can transforme to my server. I just need to be able to transforme their itemcombine.edf => dat and if its possible in text format and after its will be a baby game for me . But im blocked to dat reading in strs to begin
  4. is there a way to create item combinations easily from client to server ? Lot of tutorial are for from server to client , but if we want take the itemcombine.edf from ccr for example to parse to server, no way todo that. trirozhka is usefull from server to client but, Is there a way to reverse the itemcombine.edf (dat) (client file) of the own clients to a txt file, so that it can then be more easy transcribed? My strs Itemcombine.dat (client) are all broken, (strs from http://forum.ragezone.com/f972/itemtimer-client-itemcombine-client-2232-a-920616/) the offsets're not the right ones. child CombineTable [group="CombineTable I", offset=(8), count=60375]; child CombineTable [group="CombineTable II", offset=(8+60375*CombineTableSize), count=(CombineTableBlocks-60375)]; child LinkedStuff [group="LinkedStuff", offset=(16+CombineTableBlocks*CombineTableSize), count=LinkedStuffBlocks];
  5. rfbug

    All Race Tax Rate always at 10%

    @Killerwoody So if players do exchange at bank, the % will change ?
  6. rfbug

    All Race Tax Rate always at 10%

    hi, Have you found the bug ? i have same too and i dont know where i need search to fix
  7. rfbug

    Weapon Damage Error

    thanks Hades, its resolve, it was a bug only on GM account have test on fresh db + base script too (was same with gm account) back on my server test and one of my user have said powerlevel me we will test on normal account and it was that. it couldn't be the server zone Yorozuya because it works with most rf devs.
  8. rfbug

    Weapon Damage Error

    Hi i have the same problem i use youzora and defformula is already disable by default have test with INT +5 gold on two characters for armor to have same def character 1 have leon bow 55 +6 (character lvl 58) character test with patron +7 70 bow rare D (character 70) Max attack point 13.7 with patron +7 regular attack with leon 55 +6 11k.5 http://prntscr.com/plvhvo the text are ok => http://prntscr.com/plvkiz (client & server weaponitem.dat & client side are ok ) normally i should do oneShoot with bow patron +7 rare D but that its not
  9. Hi, I have trouble with the file GU_IN/item.edf/25_GuardTowerItem/ GuardTowerItem.xlsx The sheet programmed 25decrypt is not present in the original source of TriRozhKa (bugged => http://prntscr.com/pkaicv ) and in the others packages the sheet is not programmed . Have try to modif myself with the other excel sheet but im lost Anyone know how we can do ? I have tried to contact the creator for now too , im waiting a reply , if he/she can help EDIT: ItemCombine.xlsx , ItemMakeData.xlsx have same problem storetotxt.php is broken , its output a broken file for store.dat => store.txt
  10. rfbug

    About RPK Maked

  11. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    and clientdb.dat, is it a temp file who stock all data like a cache file client side ?
  12. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    Thank, yes it was character.edf i have put my old file . its work, but , it would be interessing to know how & why its has fixing. I have a little search but idk
  13. rfbug

    [HELP]Chat system

    Hi, Have same problem and i have already check commandchat.ini in datatable is ok. Is the trouble from server side ? any suggestions ?
  14. rfbug

    [v] - RF-RED-

    HI, when i up 65 and logout and back . I have character error. I imagine is a trouble in rf_bin client side right ? how can do ?
  15. Hi I search (have already search on gg lot but nothing) something wich can reload my scripts i have modified without quit my zone server, if existed, its will so usefull
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