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  1. RF Banana - international stable lowrate server with autoloot https://rfbanana.ru/ Registration https://rfcp.rfbanana.ru/ Forum https://community.rfbanana.ru/ Download https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4Bkf/2yK45aKLZ | https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VAFbCUCqkXHEHWCQD2yeVdDeCv6AUAlV Moscow datacenter, GMT +3 (working well worldwide) Exp x5, animus x15, skills x15, pt 99/99, max lvl 57 Server Languages English and Russian, with no restrictions and no racism tolerance Server Age: 9 month stable online without wipes. Obt 12.04.2019, release 03.05.2019 20.02.2020 First reopen RF Banana. Great update waiting new heroes from any country. Autoloot, 4 mau keys, agro paimon, multiwindows, zoomhack, solodungeons, mau exp, voteshop, npcshop, xClass. Now server still working in OBT mode before second release. Online on first start and 2 month after it was above 150+, now we hope beat it record by perfect content, good balance and advertising. Enjoy now and test private project, that you can trust, or enjoy us 20.02.2020 for worldwide competition.
  2. horo

    Making Auto Update

  3. horo

    Making Auto Update

    What happened with princeray? Why youtube restricted and files delete? Anyway - best way for autoupdate here, video inside rar http://download856.mediafire.com/bscwb0sph5ng/d7xkg6w2xc5gkxx/RFPatchinfo.zip Install it on novakal emulator guide 1 mistake by autor - after every created pathinfo.txt - need change it 3 and 4 lines for original 3 and 4 line
  4. horo


    search "offset" on forum
  5. horo


    put it in your autoupdater or off your autoupdater
  6. horo

    [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    Hi all. Maybe anyone help me here I use eventset for monster with respawn 2 hour. All working nice, monster spawn, and again, and again, but after 24 hours event automatically stops. Example: i write in 16:00 "%eventset start blabla", monster spawn instantly and ready for die, then spawn again in 18:00, in 20:00, 22:00, 00:00, 02:00......12:00, 14:00 and then no spawn! Help please, who know where trouble my eventset settings santa_acc NeutralA -4733 1123 -3959 15307 1 7200 100% 1 santa_bcc NeutralB -3647 314 6483 15307 1 7200 100% 1 santa_ccc NeutralC 8125 -103 2764 15307 1 7200 100% 1
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