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  1. When indonesia remastered started - it was most fully by official content. But now - they have no changes in files from 03 march 2020
  2. Auction ends? I win with 540 bid? Thanks all forum users, now you can wait requiments for help and later some type of share Трирожка, добавил в друзья в дискорде, жду информации как передача будет проходить и что там есть по внутренностям и чего нету
  3. yeah, need check fakes, maybe by ip @ron can check, or by proofs but if strange persons (without game project and basic rf server info) have no right to bid here, so i already win in 6:27pm
  4. Just 4 files in client Character->Player->Tex. Size 6 MB Download https://rfbanana.ru/pandemicmask.7z
  5. Your rules good, no trouble, let's finish on forum +5$ bid
  6. Place my bid (ставочку примите) 150+5$ Anyway waiting share. Good update!
  7. nice guide, some more info [4] Yellow leon 55: a - low, b - med, c - high Orange leon 55: d - low, e - med, f - high Blue relic 45 and 50 lvl: d (with numbers from 01 to 19) Yellow relic 55 lvl: v (with numbers from 51 to 59) Orange relic 55 lvl: r (with numbers from 51 to 59)
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