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  1. Valve

    Change Spawn Location Character Creation

    im not sure if you need add module but you can also do it on map.spt folder files
  2. Valve

    How to Sync new armor (new code) to Server?

    Try this tutorial credits for the maker (OLD) Tutorial adding new line weapon item.edf RF Online
  3. You should edit the bone of the item? I don't know what is the meaning of "Position" it was texture or position item will replace in game.
  4. Valve

    How to Sync new armor (new code) to Server?

    Add new block on Guide section Files need to edit Server Side: HelmetItem.dat UpperItem.dat LowerItem.dat ShoeItem.dat GauntletItem.dat Client Side: Resource.edf Item.edf 2232 DataTable folder and for 223 DataTable/en-gb Too add new codes easily for new block can easily for edit HexEditor or UltraHex that was free on google
  5. Valve

    Tutorial Adding New Block

    That was same but if you want add new skin you should make resource.edf also on your client side
  6. Valve

    How to edit Server Rate easily

    Don't forget theres have 2 kinds normal account and premium service (GM account was premium or you will give premium service for normal account also and premium account get x2 depends on your setting)
  7. Valve

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    Since you saying your problem was solve this thread will be lock message me if you wan't to reopen this thread.
  8. Valve

    [HELP] Failed To Create Empty Document

    Since your problem was solve i will lock this thread.
  9. Valve

    [HELP] Failed To Create Empty Document

    What nation code did you use? if you use RU you will change something on .ini files Zoneserver > RF_Bin > Initialize > Newholystone.ini > KeeperCallCode = 45uuc7uu188v85v > Save It. Open RFAcc.ini you will see it inside of Zoneserver > RF_Bin after that copy this code and paste there save it.
  10. Valve

    Server setup for RF 2.2.3 BSB

    @Ron Please move this thread since he was asking for help
  11. Valve

    Server setup for RF 2.2.3 BSB

    That was for 2232 and 223 please check it
  12. Valve

    HELP for creating GM account

    Check your Login_Filter_Dev.ini put your gm account username into filter Example: Filter0 = !marsmith
  13. Valve

    about STRS files noob question

    This thread will be close your case was fix.
  14. Valve

    about STRS files noob question

    You should put STRS / Files you want to edit / Dateditor.exe in one place or folder
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