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    once you add item on cash shop it will be item cash already you also need edit .dat_str files 2 files on client side and your billing database cashlist also you post your problem with the wrong section this is was guide area
  2. Juvy

    CP Connect to MSSQL

    php.ini search mssql delete ; save it restart apache maybe your problem will be fix?
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    Adding Monster For New Map

    There have a 3 procedure to add monster for new map. 1. [BLOCK].dat 2. Map.dat(Spawn) files or m01.dat that you will see inside the map folder example: elf_relicsm01.dat 3. .Spt Files Q: What is [BLOCK].dat? A: That is a files who will find count of map.dat files or m01.dat files. Example of the files: Red Color: Where you put the name of spawn files or map.dat files. Green Color: Spawn files where you put monster code respawn time how many monster will respawn in the place where you put it. Q: My new map don't have [Block] Files and Map.dat files. A: You can get it to other map you need to change the name of the files and edit the code inside of the files (I will share my strs for it will be posted here). Lets proceed to .Spt files now. Q: What is the .spt map files? A: You can see there where you put monster coordinate respawn. Example of the files: Black: Spawn file name. Red: Main coordinate of monster respawn. Green: Other coordinate monster will respawn near of main coordinate. Q: How i will change monster code on the map files A: I will share my strs to to edit it you can change monster code , regen time , amount of monster will respawn in 1 coordinate. Example of files: Black: Monster code. Red: Regen time or monster will respawn again ( 100 Regentime = 1 Second). Green: Limit of monster will respawn. Blue: Count of monster minimum to maximum respawn example: the minimum respawn was 3 and the maximum was 10. If you have question to add new block you can see on tutorial. Strs: [Block].strs SpawnFile.strs .Spt you can edit using notepad++
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    Only PT gm

    You can delete some code on the query just modify it
  5. Juvy

    Level 55 lock

    you also need set your MaxLevel in your tbl_general
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    Only PT gm

    here you go
  7. Juvy

    Adding Monster For New Map

    you will put monsteradder tool on map folder server side zoneserver/rf_bin/map
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    [Release] MAU castom

    great job but better put it on engineer and nomad key much useable
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    for 2232 it should me itemseteffect.edf and you need edit the number or ncount of item on client side like 5 = head upper lower gloves shoes part of armor to get yellow effect
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    RFWebEmuConsole.exe WONT START

    if your firewall was 'ON' you need to port forward but you have easy way you should firewall off but that was not safe you can get virus on your server host better forward the port make sure your emulator port and your launcher.exe port was same
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    Character / Pvp rank / Pvp point / Council / Inventory / Guild Honor / Guild / Friend list / Bank
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    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    Change all RU Nation Code: go to zoneserver\RF_Bin\Initialize search NewHolySystem.ini find KeeperCallCode will be 45uuc7uu188v85v save it Next Go to zoneserver\RF_Bin\ search rfacc.ini open it copy this code and save it
  14. Juvy

    Cash Shop and Cash Coin for

    this is cash shop was already fix just copy the files inside of ru-ru- to en-gb and it will be work click to download Credit by ekma
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    open your ndstore.edf you can see on datatable/en-gb the count of storelist.dat the county of ndstore.edf
  16. Juvy

    Item Grade Color Codes

    if you asking change the color that you want every grade that was imposible but if you asking how to do it you need change the item grade item.edf on client side and weaponitem.dat / armor.dat so and on.
  17. Juvy

    Fixed damage

    im pretty sure you use module have damage limit its like devcorp?
  18. Juvy

    ADD cash in DB RU

    Credits for the maker
  19. Juvy

    Double Launcher

    follow this procedure it will be work search and try until its work just follow tutorial STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232 multi windows = dual login
  20. Juvy

    Tutorial Adding New Block

    I don't know if someone post on this tutorial i try search here but i don't see anything. [RF GURU by Magenik]Tutorial - Adding Block Credits For Magenik
  21. Juvy

    .INI files and their functions ?

    ActionPointSystem.ini = you need to update the date inside of that ini so gold pills will work when you use it. cash_discount.ini = percent of discount every item on cash shop and you should update also the date {never try to use it} NewHolySystem.ini = Nation Code { Depends you use RU US TH } , RaceBattlePoint {CW Point how much cpt player get WIN - LOSE - FAIL}, FREEMINING{ They can mining if holystonekeeper was not there}, WorldSystem.ini = Version Check Key , Class Refine Event {If you want to add class redefine at HERO NPC}, StoneNum = 3 {The map where CW will held but im not sure for it}
  22. wrong translate because most of them was korean
  23. Juvy

    Making Auto Update