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  1. Windows 10 and msodbcsql_17, but as the guys said on discord, it has something to do with the matchless command, killing them in one hit causes the game to crash
  2. RockJaw, Caliana Queen, Blink's and Dagnu(If you teleport to Dagnu with the PB Scroll you get disconnected too) are crashing the server on hit. Taraven, Soul Cinder, Dagon and Dagan are working fine. No modifications made, fresh server install.
  3. There is a command to add cash in-game?
  4. I assumed it wasnt used yet, It looks good at least, and yeah, I have 1.5 files here, gonna check out there is so much things that I have not seen used yet, mostly of them is icons and misc objects
  5. I've come across these white mau parts in the game files, but it's only their back, you can see the BMAU right next to it, so it can't be for the BMAU, does anyone know what are these?
  6. The forum is a trustworthy place, but they cant background check every member in here, i fell you, but be careful next time, ask for help beforehand, most admins have artists/devs in their teams that can help you, hope that the guy receive a perma-ban.
  7. Based on the pics you just ripped the skin and not the actual dragon itens right?
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