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  1. DevGordo

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    Its probably a edited, as there was never a 2.2.4 official version. Just copy the ru-ru content to en-gb. If it doesnt work, use a en-gb bin.
  2. DevGordo

    Cash Ore System by devgordo

    Rather than zone module, i use a sql trigger for the system, so it needs to update the cash amount by relogin
  3. DevGordo

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    Its either wrong RFOnline.bin or Datatable folder. This launcher uses en-gb bin and datatable, so it wont load the game otherwise. If you testing normal account, use /open first in loginserver. Use with my client : https://drive.google.com/uc?id=18YS_lCFuG4nyo17O456snuEH_OHU7h2S&export=download Tested it right now and it is working 100%
  4. SIEGE KIT IMPROVEMENT This should be mandatory for all live servers. As you can see, this release brings a much needed improvement for the accretian siege kit. This was created long ago by a fella at EQG forums, the original file and readme are included. If you want to make your server much better, then you must use it ( and force your updater to check for the file so that no one can change it ^^) DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12xWmnTxZnphCr8uXUqUckIhPA6BSJqWO/view?usp=sharing
  5. DevGordo

    Removing ether ship chat spam

    Tired of these ether ship update messages that spam the chat all the time? Now, you can get rid of them ! Of course you won't be able to know where the ship is anymore, but if your server uses a teleport then it is no problem. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LWmDqKhSffXcYdDlETfFGeGAke88JAO7/ Put the file in your datatable/LANGUAGE folder (i use EN-GB, if you use ru put it in ru-ru, if you use BR put in PT-BR and so on). This get rid of 90% of the messages, however some messages are in NDLanguage.edf These can be easily edited/removed by in dateditor, using strs by novanakal. In my live servers, i used these messages for advertising ^^ Works perfectly and never had any critical errors with it. That said, i use en-gb only, never tested with other language.
  6. Tired of emulators and apache servers? with this launcher, you don't need this kind of crap anymore . It connects to (local ip). It is based on original source release by temapskov in ragezone forum, however it had many many bugs and i fixed them all. It uses en-gb datatable and en-gb font for ingame chat (which is arial). Now you can delete all region files inside datatable and leave en-gb only. Has icon and music. Settings works perfectly and all buttons are fixed. (need the included r3engine.ini). Need .net framework 4.0 or better ( all updated windows 10 should have those - if you dont have, then download ). If it gives a black screen, just delete the music file, or download a media player, like VLC. IF IT GIVES ERROR "THIS PROGRAM HAS STOPED WORKING" just try again. It always happens with address, in the first try, for some reason, however there are no problems with other IPs ( tested). DOWNLOAD : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cUkMGqJPlFX_IledIxJ-Gxio5_3cBFyN/
  7. RF ONLINE CASH ORE SYSTEM VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Hello there ! I'm devgordo, a brazilian RF developer since 2009. I've developed more than 10 servers through these last few years and now im retiring, since rf online scene in my country is dead anyway and barely anyone plays it. Most BR servers can't even get more than a dozen players, so why bother? Anyway, since i've invested more than 4000 hours of my life into developing cool systems for this game, im up to selling some of the best ones i've made - and others i will release for free, in time. This one is the CASH ORE SYSTEM ! Basically, players can process a custom ore and get ingame cash points for it! This way, you can make certain mobs, pbs, or even the control chip drop CASH SHOP POINTS! They drop a custom ore with a pre-defined cash point value and the players can process them in the ore npc to get cash shop points (just need to relogin to update the points). In my video example, there are five ores ( 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k and 20k cash ore) being sold in the npc for in game gold, that way the players could farm cash shop points with dalants ! (just needed to exchange them for gold) You can set them up any way you want - sell in npc, make it drop in mobs, bds, you decide - and i help you configure it all the way. I can customize it for you the way you like it - and it is yours forever to use and change them yourself. Want to purchase it? Contact me ! I'm always online in discord DevGordo#9992 (discord)
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