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  1. iMod


    There will be no support for cracking stuff ect. IncUpdate is free, just the Update-Builder costs some cash. Create your own builder or pay the people who made one.
  2. iMod

    Custom Launcher + Make Golden Mystery Client 2232

    Dual login has nothing todo with the launcher it self. It is the rf_online.bin file that contains the informations about dual login.
  3. iMod

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Do you want to know how to code or how an updater works? 1st: No clue. 2nd is kinda easy: 1. Server - Build a file that contains the file hashes 2. Client - Check the list you made and validate the files and if they don't exist or has different hash values download them. This can be done with the community source without 3rd party.
  4. iMod

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    You can't out of the box no, you have to modify it as far i know we don't support aop.
  5. iMod

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    Basically the encryption.
  6. iMod

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    Yes this information is true. You need to find out the encryption to build your own launcher. May i'm wrong but i guess there is no one who would share that kind of information since aop is highly private currently. Edit: You also have to modify your zone if you want it working correctly. Its not just the launcher.
  7. [filemask="ZoneServer.exe"] // by [email protected] // This STRS for 2232 Version struct ZoneServer_2232_File { child "ZoneServer_Port 1" [offset=0x1ea8d7]; child "ZoneServer_Port 2" [offset=0x1ea952]; child "ZoneServer_Port 3" [offset=0x1ea7d4]; child "ZoneServer_Port 4" [offset=0x1f7788]; child "Synch with AccountServerSD Port" [offset=0x1f59c0]; } struct "ZoneServer_Port 1" { cstr [value=("Default Port 27555")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } struct "ZoneServer_Port 2" { cstr [value=("Default Port 27556")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } struct "ZoneServer_Port 3" { cstr [value=("Default Port 27780")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } struct "ZoneServer_Port 4" { cstr [value=("Default Port 27780")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } struct "Synch with AccountServerSD Port" { cstr [value=("Default Port Synch with AccountServerSD = 29000")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } [filemask="AccountServerSD.exe"] // by [email protected] // This STRS for 2232 Version struct AccountServerSD_2232_File { child "Account Port 1" [offset=0x017618]; child "Account Port 2" [offset=0x01772a]; child "Account Port 3" [offset=0x0176a1]; } struct "Account Port 1" { cstr [value=("Default Port 27000")] Port_value; u16 "Port 1"; } struct "Account Port 2" { cstr [value=("Default Port 28000")] Port_value; u16 "Port 2"; } struct "Account Port 3" { cstr [value=("Default Port 29000")] Port_value; u16 "Port 3"; } Credits goes to nova. You just need to change the ports like all above said and you need to enter the 2nd zone in some of the login configs if i'm not wrong.
  8. iMod

    Age of Patron

    Yes some people own some aop server files but they are highly private. No its not the same but it is possible to mod the 2232 zone to be able to work with the aop client.
  9. Yes you can use the community edition.
  10. Is the "rf_online.bin" process running in your taskmanager? If so check "rfclient.log" to get more informations about the problem. The solution should be VS2015 if i'm not wrong but you also can open it with the latest version of visual studio.
  11. iMod

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Ignore the code before and just replace this line with the one that fills the index 45 defaultSet.SetValue((byte)((((byte)remdata.GetValue(9) != 0x00) ? 0x01 : 0x00) ^ 0x3A), 45); This should do the trick. Feedback would be nice if it works. Thanks @Killerwoody for testing
  12. iMod

    Source Code Launcher C#

    More informations would be nice. Do you get any exceptions? Is the variable "isPremium" 0x01 or 0x00? Edit: I guess i found the problem but need you first to test it.
  13. iMod

    Source Code Launcher C#

    1. You need to read the billing value client.Send(b); client.Receive(remdata); if ((byte)remdata.GetValue(4) == 0x00) { byte isPremium = ((byte)remdata.GetValue(9) != 0x00) ? (byte)0x01 : (byte)0x00; defaultSet.SetValue((byte)((byte)remdata.GetValue(5) ^ 0xAF), 19); defaultSet.SetValue((byte)((byte)remdata.GetValue(6) ^ 0xE0), 20); 2. You need to take a look at the index 49-52 (uint (4 bytes)) of the default set defaultSet.SetValue((byte)((byte)remdata.GetValue(9) ^ 0xB6), 4); defaultSet.SetValue((byte)((byte)remdata.GetValue(10) ^ 0x4F), 5); // ип ,порт defaultSet.SetValue((byte)isPremium, 49); I'm not 100% sure if you need to encrypt the value since i'm not at home and i have no chance to test it currently. Edit: If you want to find the real(encrypted) value, launch the original launcher and read the "DefaultSet.tmp" into a byte array and check what value is set at index 49. Take that value and replace (byte)0x01 with it.
  14. iMod

    Source Code Launcher C#

    Yes, it is. If you don't like it take a look at google and search for "c# merge dll's into exe" you will finde some examples how to merge all dependency dll's into the executable.
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