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  1. Crowik

    how dds to spr ?

    Spr2DDS - Unpack SpriteCounter - Repack
  2. Crowik

    Need help about "item aura's"

    Ok brieftly as I take example of 55 shield. - First of all you need to look for spt file which is associated to your item (Spt file putted in eff file which is placed exactly where you want on top/center/bottom of weapon, whatever) - Inside spt you can find defined: pos box, alpha, colour, timing - various things. - If you want to change the shape of glowing that going out from it, you need to look for entity file - shield_P.R3E - what you want to edite is not r3e file but, r3t, and edite dds texture file what is inside. Unpack ->Edite->Repack->Backup->Replace File->Try out. R3T texture file what you want to edite. However it does not working like this exactly, since texture files are generated in different way with RFO Korean game enigma engine. Try out, good luck !
  3. Crowik

    Sprite Images

    I believe if you add new squares/rows you should increase width and height, since spritecounter do not recognize new blocks, it just saving it as it was before. Try to use this strs, it should work fine :). Credits @Agony Link
  4. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Some files are missing, some of have different locations, some of them are packed in *rpk archives. To change the color of archons Akretii files: 1. aura1_p - Phalanx archons (it is between the archons and the halo of the eye) 2. aura2_p - Eye archons 3. aura3_p - Around the eyes 4. bbb_p - The lowest glow archons 5. cy2_p - Nimbus over the character's head 6. acre3_p - Column archons To change the color of lamps Bellato files: 1. bela1_p - The glow of the lamp by the Federation 2. bela2_p - The glow around the mark the Federation of the archonslamp 3. bbbb_p - The lowest glow archonslamp 4. cy2b_p - Nimbus over the character's head To change the color of lamps Alliance files: 1. cora_p - Zodiac race bark and square on the top of the archons 2. cora2_p - one layer of the archons, the characters 3. cora3_p - Leg Lamp, tracings archons, 2 layer 4. bbbc_p - The lowest glow archons archons archons 5. cy2c_p - Nimbus over the character's head. Also image is changeable, just need to replace *dds file .
  5. Crowik

    Model Editing

    Well still you can import/export files between both programs.
  6. Crowik

    Icons / Samples

    In game icons *png format. (Abilitys/Ammo/Animus Reaver/Armor Parts/Bags/Battery/Battery & Ticket/Battle Dungeon Key/Elementals/Emoticons/Force Reavers/Maps & Scroll/Mau Keys/Misc 1/Misc 2/Misc 3/Orders/Ore/Potions/Satellites/Shields/Siege Kit/Skills/Spells/Talic & Charms/Teleports/Tools/Towers/Traps & Nuke/UMT/Unit Parts/Weapons) Guild Emblems Monster Images (Most of them) *png format. Cora Bell Accretian Characters with Armors lvl 1-50 *png format. Monster Gallery from 3ds Max 1920x1080 (Extracted before in 2011) hopefully can be used in some way. Download Assets pw: RF-Dev Download Gallery Uploading with hope you can create some intresting stuff with it. Effect Font - Preview Download Cursors - Preview Download
  7. Crowik

    Model Editing

    You can take them from any client. Look for bone folder, bn extension files.
  8. Crowik

    Mechanic Wings

    https://www.mediafire.com/view/60xh69raf9w7djd/Curvature_wing_mechanic_02.dds.png/file You can try to colour it in photoshop, only map that is usable to paint so far. I took from model.
  9. Crowik

    attack effect problem

    Since its a forum discussion, would be nice if you can share solution after all to let other people know how to fix this problem, thanks.
  10. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Normally first one goes for surface, second going for alpha channel. I suggest you to create an empty eff file, link it to the armor part and do couple tests while you modify, try to work with different patterns of textures. Some of surface files are applied to model, but you can barely see them.
  11. And here you have tool made by Ron few years ago, usefull. Password for tool is: www.rf-dev.net https://www.mediafire.com/file/w7pt7ava1kak8dv/GmCodes.7z/file
  12. Crowik

    RF Free Interface?

    Those are old ones from way before. Sadly I don't have screens from ingame but you can try out. Black Chrome Elven Green
  13. Crowik

    [Help] .ani, .bbx, .bn files

    Thing is that like most of games RF was coded in specific language. Im sure that for most of things like models etc they used tools that we are using everyday like 3ds max/photoshop/notepads etc. After they finished to secure everything they just chosen different type of extensions to protect it. As far we can open bone files im not convinced if you can overwrite existing ones since there is no exporter to bn format. As for bbx personally I have no idea what they are for, but they are close related to bone files (could contain axis, size value, links idk) but they do not contain too much data, simple configuration files they are. As for animation files, if you open them with Hex editor you can see in the very beginning, they start with bip01 And if you look closer *ani files are related to specific bone parts to work out with. @Pelvis @UpArm @Etc Bip File in 3ds So yeah, everything is connect though hardcoded.
  14. Crowik

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    Originally effect existed in files but like in many other cases files were not linked (Or as far I remember that effect existed on upgrade for +6/+7 only). In this case you locate: DARKWB.EFF in chef folder (Open with HeX editor or any), and there inside you have 5 particle effects also 1 entity effect to copy and link to 55 Bell/Cora shield mesh file. Linking areas should remain the same. Also like @PrinceRay mention you can copy *dds to keep it original look like.
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