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  1. If im not wrong the blade was entity file. Unless you change the texture in r3t, nothing will change. Spt were used for orbs and lighthing.
  2. There is no problem with password. Correct: Wrong:
  3. If you join our discord server you will find plugins pinned in request channel.
  4. Could you explain what is the thing you struggle with? Any screenshots or brief explanation
  5. A few threads below your post:
  6. I feel like that is your problem, as some of models does not apply copy/paste from file to file. Some more details and we could look into it.
  7. There are plenty of resources where you can find GM commands to spawn items. The closest one is Here . In code instead of -a at the end you need to use -b to get intense weapon. iwspb55 - iwspa55 This works with any model in fact, however make sure you looking in right place since summons/maus etc. are not together with weapons/armors if you know what I mean.
  8. Yes its related to eff files. Find me on discord I could give you a hand with that. Solution we can post here later. -Same model file/code. Particle not adjusted.
  9. Depends on client what you are using. If its rf-dev go to SpriteImage\common. Find emblem.spr. Use spr2dds tool to unpack it, then you can have all in game guild emblems in *dds format. If you looking for extract tool, you can check @Alyx GUIDE Good luck
  10. That is only example. Instead of 01, try 02.
  11. I believe we explained this on discord. You are allowed to add your own custom particle files are long you extend max particle limit in the beginning of particle.ini file. Replacing numbers in hex in *eff file isn't a problem it works fine.
  12. You don't see any becouse....there isn't. You opened *dds extension (directdraw surface file) in hex. Glow effect you can control using *eff file.
  13. If you moved it somewhere else, yes. If you want to create new one, need to make new entry as well. All depends what you want to change in *spt file.
  14. Highly doubtful, that repacked *rpk files could cause critital error. I suggest you do your edits part by part starting with meshes/textures then doing rest of files along. Edited *spt files don't have to be placed in same directory they are read-able from whole rf client. It's even easier for you to edite them (saving time to unpack/repack). Just make sure you change it in particle.ini too.
  15. Open Item.edf(decrypt/use structorian/strs). Find the part you looking for. It starts from helmets as you can see index number 0 in item.edf responds to index number 0 in unit.ini. And they comes in order. If you are not sure about part names/levels, log into the game and see there at Mau Vendor NPC. Goliath Helmets Catapult Helmets Goliath Uppers Catapult Uppers Goliath Lowers Catapult Lowers Goliath Arms Catapult Arms Goliath Shoulders Catapult Shoulders Goliath Back Catapult Back First one is 0 last one for 22
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