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  1. Crowik

    Mau Alt Textures

    These are from 2010-2012, kinda funny. Just to keep files together. Download Download Download Download *Check files for this one, need to be adjusted/linked. Download
  2. Crowik

    Mechanic Wings

    It is already copy and paste. Meshes are swapped, names replaced. Particles won't do, but you still have your mesh. Have you even tried before asking?
  3. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    You finding mesh code/item code - > ItemEffectList.txt (As a example I looked for 53 ranger bell) with 7002BB you going to ItemEffectList You see its 321 so PatternList It says you 321 so EffectFileList And thats is the eff file what is controlling your glowing in armor. Here you just want to replace/edite CIRCLE_B.DDS, either way you can change file and put something different, or edite existing one (may affect others armors/weapons). If you looking for aswers, search on forum, everything is here. Thanks
  4. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    Can't tell exactly what you did. If shield is gone, maybe you put alpha channel on whole texture? Its a chain reaction like I said. Yes black colour is possible, try with alpha_type 11, also do few tests, an answer is already in game, easy to find.
  5. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    This gif is probably from 2009. Its Original +5 effect of those weapons.
  6. Crowik

    RF Catapult Animation

    I would suggest to drag item.edf to crypt tool, use structorian (simpliest) with strs to read and edite it. After editing save. Decrypt and and try to see in game. Don't ask for those things, use search tool, everything is here. As far I remember from 215 to 2232 everything workin fine. 1.5 had some problems with reading. It's an old tool. EDF crypt/Decrypt
  7. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    what "this" effect do you mean?
  8. Crowik

    Tex not working on custom armors

    Simply you can use Hex editor, just to change patch for file, to load textures. Second way is to open model in 3ds max, assign material/texture and export it as mesh. Either way effect will be the same result.
  9. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    If you want to add new block (new item) empty/blank one, you can do it. If you want to overwrite existing one you can do it. If you want to add more than one in same file you still should be able to do it, like a W00 then W00 again in same file (However be carefull with entity files). Eff files are made of surface glow inner glow patch for files (dir) - files that define colour etc layers for glowing speed etc 4x values 3 or 4 particle (can't remember) entity file part name (W00/W01/P01/P02 etc) And that's for each block. You should be able to use same block few times, however it may not looks so great. Adding new item ID in item.edf/resource.edf makes a chain reaction to the rest of files accordingly.
  10. Crowik

    Tex not working on custom armors

    I believe he meant size of file. Personally I think there is something wrong in *msh file ref. to texture like @PC_Bro mention. It does not matter where you have file as long its in RF folder, game should find it while launch. Packed or not packed in RFS archieve. Size shouldn't matter though. Resolution either. *Tga *Png or *Dds format should work.
  11. Crowik

    Model Editing

  12. Crowik

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    If you work along with 3ds you can move desired (weapon/armor) points which you would like to link to spt files wherever you want to make them fit in (fire1/fire2/p01/p02/effect1/effect2 etc). Apart from that I believe it's a matter of trial and error working with spt xyz, pretty adjustable since you just log out log in without restarting client.
  13. Crowik

    RF Local Server Setup Guide [Document]

  14. Crowik

    how dds to spr ?

    Spr2DDS - Unpack SpriteCounter - Repack
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