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  1. In this char I'm launcher, I can only use weapons this class. I can use other classes up to lvl 40. in another char meeler, I can not use arcs..launchers ... etc .... just weapons and armor for the class
  2. This... Low Skill Level
  3. When I drop the CAPSULES GOLD item does not show the items on the floor, only the name is pressed ALT.
  4. Hello people. I mounted a local server. I used a Querie to leave the GM skills but I can not use weapons from other classes. How do I fix this?
  5. fromhell

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    I have 4.6.2.
  6. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    I made a change in the html where the button to register ... a little above the part of SQL and it worked. I do not know this is correct. BEFORE <center> <div class="rt-grid-4 rt-pull-8"> <form id="form-login" action="index.php" method="post"> <p> AFTER <center> <div class="rt-grid-4 rt-pull-8"> <form id="form-login" action="page/register.php" method="post"> <p> RESULT Thank you 4erepaxa and DeusEx
  7. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    Your QUERIE works directly in SQL Server, but the page does not still the same error error. I'm starting to think it would be the code of the page.
  8. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    it returns to the index after clicking register ... and in the database it does not undergo any changes
  9. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    Now i Have this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in C:\AppServ\www\LIXO\4\page\register.php on line 178
  10. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    I do not understand much about BD but I think I made the changes. now that I click on REGISTER, it goes to the main page and the database does not change. I have 14 accounts created and it remains. In these lines, can you see something wrong? { mssql_query("insert into RF_User.dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id,password,accounttype,birthdate) values ('$login','$pw',0,2000-01-01)") or die('Ops.Algo saiu errado nesta solicitação.<br /><br /><a href="index.php" class="btn btn-info">Back</a>'); echo '<div id="form-login"><ul><li><a>Parabéns, <b>'.$login.'</b>. Sua Conta foi Criada.</a></li></ul></div>'; }
  11. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    I can not finish the registration. is showing error in line 177. in this section: mssql_query( "INSERT INTO RF_User.dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id,password,accounttype,birthdate,email) VALUES ((CONVERT(binary, '$login')), (CONVERT(binary, '$pw')),'0', '1/01/1950', '$email');" )or die('Incorrect Query.<br /><br /><a href="/web2/index.php" class="btn btn-info">Back</a>'); echo '<div id="form-login"><ul><li><a>Congratulations, <b>'.$login.'</b>. Your account has been created.</a></li></ul></div>'; } Can someone help me?
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