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  1. fromhell

    ADD cash in DB RU

    Does anyone have a query to insert cash into server RU? I already tried the roslaw and other querys .... shows which lines were affected, but in the game I remain with 0 of cash. My items are already worth 10 cash.
  2. fromhell

    .INI files and their functions ?

    Hello people. I want to understand what server each .ini file should look like inside the SERVER initialize folder that brings changes to the game. some files I know, but others do not. Then I would like anyone who knew and could share the knowledge. Besides those that are for server connection configuration ... I know few. -ServerRate.ini = level rates ... drop ... animus rate up .... -MonsterSet.ini = adjust of the drop of the mostros based on the level of the player If anyone can help, I appreciate it.
  3. Hello people, is there any way to know the exact version of the server that I have? 😃 I ask this because I have multiple server files. In all this is named version .... 2.2.3 or Days ago I ran a 2.2.3 but from where I downloaded it was
  4. fromhell

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    Okay. I'll try with your client. but I think I might have another problem, my server is RU (Spansion 2.2.4) U have a server to share?
  5. Hello people I have the following problem. I'm with 100k of cashshop but when I try to buy, I get the message: Cash Related: Product list index is diferent I have seen in another topic to verify the nationality of the client and server. My server is Ru. My client was USA and then I moved to Russia, but I made a mistake. I tested it on several clients.
  6. fromhell

    Cash Related : Product List index is different.

    I'll try. thank you
  7. fromhell

    Cash Related : Product List index is different.

    I had tried this, but only a few items that I could buy ... others made the same mistake. what server side and client side files do I need to put in the folder with MatchingTool?
  8. When I drop the CAPSULES GOLD item does not show the items on the floor, only the name is pressed ALT.
  9. fromhell

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    PT/BR- quando tento logar mostra incorrect account. no login server, total connect aumenta o valor , mostrando que houve a tentativa de logar EN - when I try to log incorrect account. in the login server, total connect increases the value, showing that there was an attempt to login
  10. fromhell

    Cash Related : Product List index is different.

    Do you own these files and could you share? I have 6 clients, but I do not think any is clean.
  11. fromhell

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    The files worked perfectly. Thank you very much
  12. fromhell

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    I have not found these files on any of the clients I have. can I copy other two files and rename them? I was thinking about HP files.
  13. Hello people. I mounted a local server. I used a Querie to leave the GM skills but I can not use weapons from other classes. How do I fix this?
  14. I got it with the Stream Editor tool that is in this package. Thank you
  15. In mine they're with everyone in 99. Is that right? If so, is the error in my masterys files? Do you have strs mastery? I have many strs but these not.
  16. what value do I have to change?
  17. Where do I find this masteryclass .. on the server?
  18. fromhell

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    I've used multiple clients ... they all give some sort of critical error.
  19. In this char I'm launcher, I can only use weapons this class. I can use other classes up to lvl 40. in another char meeler, I can not use arcs..launchers ... etc .... just weapons and armor for the class
  20. This... Low Skill Level
  21. fromhell

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    I have 4.6.2.
  22. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    I made a change in the html where the button to register ... a little above the part of SQL and it worked. I do not know this is correct. BEFORE <center> <div class="rt-grid-4 rt-pull-8"> <form id="form-login" action="index.php" method="post"> <p> AFTER <center> <div class="rt-grid-4 rt-pull-8"> <form id="form-login" action="page/register.php" method="post"> <p> RESULT Thank you 4erepaxa and DeusEx
  23. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    Your QUERIE works directly in SQL Server, but the page does not still the same error error. I'm starting to think it would be the code of the page.
  24. fromhell

    RF Online Website + Registration (Nice Web)

    it returns to the index after clicking register ... and in the database it does not undergo any changes