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  1. fromhell

    Auto Update Launcher (LOCAL) Free Version (deleted)

    only local sir ?
  2. fromhell

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    what is the function of this module? "name": "addon.stone_hp", "config": { "activated": true, "min_lv": 30
  3. fromhell

    ZoneServer Failing

    I have a problem with my zoneserver. Ordinary games can connect without problems. But if a GM connects, the zone fails. In the log it has this code below: Exe : C:\Server\ZoneServer\RF_bin\ZoneServer +6.exe OS : Windows 6.2(), build9200 PlatformId 2 "" UserName : Administrador Computer : MORDOR Time : 2020-04-17 FRI, 07:34:35.826 PM Code : C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Address : 401107C4 =========================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call stack ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Address Frame Function SourceFile 401107C4 2A3CFAF0 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\userdb.cpp line 234 401D0FA5 2A3CFB80 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\mynetwork_system.cpp line 72 401DBC27 2A3CFC80 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\mynetworking.cpp line 519 401DB780 2A3CFCB0 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\mynetworking.cpp line 398 40478A68 2A3CFD90 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\network\netprocess.cpp line 887 40477D96 2A3CFDD0 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\network\netprocess.cpp line 571 40481CB9 2A3CFE10 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\network\networking.cpp line 375 401F4E03 2A3CFE80 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\mainthread.cpp line 5181 401EE85D 2A3CFEC0 <2>0000:00000000 g:\00_zoneserver_source\03_temp_source\2009_05_13_source_oversea\zoneserver\gamemain\mainthread.cpp line 3170 6C5953C5 2A3CFF10 <2>0001:000043C5 C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.vc80.debugcrt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.4053_none_9cf5f2ffebeea69a\MSVCR80D.dll 6C59538C 2A3CFF50 <2>0001:0000438C C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.vc80.debugcrt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.4053_none_9cf5f2ffebeea69a\MSVCR80D.dll 80D413D2 2A3CFF80 <2>0000:00000000 80EF03C4 2A3CFFD0 <2>0000:00000000 Does anyone know how to solve?
  4. fromhell

    how to edit buff time Duration

    resolved with datcutter.
  5. fromhell

    how to edit buff time Duration

    Thank you . I had an error editing force.dat I just changed the value from 1080 to 3000 equal to classskill.dat
  6. fromhell

    how to edit buff time Duration

    Hello people, I know that here in the forum there is another topic related to this subject. But I was not able to execute successfully. could you help me ... informing which field I have to edit? I don't know if the problem could be with the structures I used. there were 3 different ones. if someone has a manual ... thank you very much i want to change the lv7 buffs from 1080s to 3000s. ex. ClassSkill
  7. fromhell

    Cash Per Minute Per Map

    me too
  8. fromhell

    Adding Monster For New Map

    nice tutorial!!!!!!!!! I think I have this program ... monster add .... something like that. I just do not know where it is well you could do a little tutorial of it. :D MonsterAdder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VM6dDx1l7hYDbUX8fyvKDpn8uW_XMdjS
  9. fromhell

    Fixed damage

    They told me that too ^^ sad
  10. fromhell

    Fixed damage

    I am using an apt named ^ First_Zone. I've deactivated almost all modules. but still continues with 3991
  11. fromhell

    Fixed damage

    Hello people. I hope someone can help me with this. I can not give an attack greater than 3991 and I also get damage of 3991 maximum.
  12. fromhell

    ADD cash in DB RU

    I do not understand much of database. So I did it this way .... I know it's not the right one. and then I did like this ... it worked too use [BILLING] INSERT INTO tbl_user (ID,UserID, Cash) VALUES ( ' ' ,'gustavo1', '50000')
  13. fromhell

    Serial number of the skills force

    configuration is the same ... but the zone name is: ^ First_Zone. in the game shows as added, but no buff is added to the screen. File: Buffer.ini ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [BSystem] Enable = 1 [BufferAddon] CountBellato = 3 CountCora = 2 CountAccretia = 1 NeedDalant = 10000 ;Bellato TypeSkillBellato0 = 1 IndexSkillBellato0 = 19 TimeSkillBellato0 = 3000 LevelSkillBellato0 = 7 TypeSkillBellato1 = 1 IndexSkillBellato1 = 18 TimeSkillBellato1 = 3000 LevelSkillBellato1 = 7 TypeSkillBellato2 = 1 IndexSkillBellato2 = 17 TimeSkillBellato2 = 3000 LevelSkillBellato2 = 7 ;Cora TypeSkillCora0 = 1 IndexSkillCora0 = 5 TimeSkillCora0 = 3000 LevelSkillCora0 = 7 TypeSkillCora1 = 1 IndexSkillCora1 = 6 TimeSkillCora1 = 3000 LevelSkillCora1 = 7 ;Accretian TypeSkillAccretia0 = 2 IndexSkillAccretia0 = 471 TimeSkillAccretia0 = 3000 LevelSkillAccretia0 = 1
  14. fromhell

    Serial number of the skills force

    I found a protection with modules. between these modules has the "BuffMe". I use the command and I get the information that was added, but nothing appears. I thought I'd check the serial number of the skills and find the bug but it looks like it's right. the problem must be another.
  15. fromhell

    Serial number of the skills force

    Where do I find on the server the serial number of the skills force, bellato e cora?
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