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  1. ammandes

    Dual Login Offsets for RF Online.bin (ID)

  2. ammandes

    Use SQL Disable Skill Master

    what you need? enable or disable
  3. ammandes

    Best Zone Protection

    he ask best protector,so I recomended cerberus.. for the price its not my bussiness because he ask "the best" not "cheap" because there is no cheap price for the best product.you can get what you pay
  4. ammandes

    Best Zone Protection

    no one best protector, because nothing perfect,why not you try cerberus protection
  5. ammandes

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    I work fine using this protect.check again your file
  6. ammandes

    [Help] Master Skill

    like this? for the clue... 1.you must enable master skill in your database if you disable it. and than restart your zone 2.edit force.dat & skill.dat for server & skillforce.edf - compare with other files has unlock master skill with your files if you edit it from zero ( original files) 3.for the litle clue, active & enable it from 0 to 1 , and other clue look your mastindex and compare it with other files has unlock master skill. save and try run again your server. have a nice day.
  7. ammandes

    [Help] Master Skill

    restart your zone after you execute that query.
  8. ammandes

    [Help]Adding Line @ .dat files

    you can found tutorial in ragezone for adding line server side & client side. its simple but you need check your result for avoid error
  9. ammandes

    [Help]Adding Line @ .dat files

    you can use 010 editor with template from interpid for adding line client side like item.edf and server side
  10. ammandes

    Picking up any item will automatically close the client

    try to reduce your drop rate to x25 . or missing part in your client / server
  11. ammandes

    RF GameCP V2 [Archived/Dead Link]

    >>> include/main/config.php and find this code # Administrative Options $admin = array(); $admin['super_admin'] = 'admin,admin'; <<<< id admin, pw admin change with your id & pw. $admin['allowed_ips'] = ''; // Usage: $admin['allowed_ips'] = ',,96.00';
  12. ammandes

    (HELP) CHANGING UI OPTION TO ADD Auto Target Setting

    lol so stupid. rf classic is age of patron or caravan time & space update. and you play rf private using 2232 golden age version.
  13. ammandes

    2.1.6 Zoneserver crashing

    if im not wrong 2.1.6 have problem with medicallab 2 map. just delete your medicallab 2 map files.and try to run it
  14. remove npc its simple way is change coordinat npc to sky,to wall,to anything you want. many more tutorial how to edit npc.search first before ask
  15. ammandes

    Adding NJ to all ACC Class?

    edit @ client skillforce.edf for duration skill @client side.
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