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  1. Adding NJ to all ACC Class?

    edit @ client skillforce.edf for duration skill @client side.
  2. Have anyone tried out alveim files?

    I have try alveim files all working fine. maybe its problem from your resource or texture..etc file is missing or broken
  3. Beginner's Guide

    why you so serious bro??
  4. Beginner's Guide

    if you wanna apply as gm you just need gm command + code like monster code like give event pitboss spawn @ HQ or another map. if you wanna apply as admin, you need basicly knowledge about the tool on rf online server,gm command + item code or another code like give player item with +7 upgrade, sql queries etc
  5. Beginner's Guide

    lol. if you wanna apply as rf admin in a private server,you no need download anything. because the tools is available inside their server. you just need access to server. like remote desktop connection, radmin or etc. owner of the server making that tool available on their server to support their server. like control server panel,gm account tool, like dpman tool,etc. just use it inside their server. not in your computer.
  6. Beginner's Guide

    Im still missunderstanding for this :'v *gagal paham sumveh :'v what tools? just use control server with some item code, have some sql query or support program you need :'v just it. you wanna be a proffesional GM? no need tools just need fast respon with your player :'v
  7. STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    if you wanna start war just write like this %war start 1 %war stop 1 start holy I think just work for G3 or G4 server
  8. STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    this is clue for you. for set animus max level just ewe your zone until pregnant. bin just for optional. so what no result? if you mining all information and use all files here
  9. STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    lol no result or lazy? all you need is available in here
  10. Other Game "Rohan Online"

    anyone have setup and play rohan online????
  11. RF SetItemEffect Stealer

    maybe you can create for skillforce.edf too ray wkwkwk
  12. STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    idk = i dont know. please upgrade your dictionary inside your brain.thanks
  13. About version 2.2.1

    what differrent 2.2.1 and 2.2.3? why all the information of 2.2.1 version is gone? why? like link is dead... not too old but doesnt exist. may be here someone have 2.2.1 version in your archieve.and try to develop again. oke please take here information about 2.2.1 version as you know.
  14. RF_Online.bin - All Versions

    thanks for 215 bin version @Ron update in first post.thx
  15. Useful Offsets

    thanks for merged it hehehe for additional offset Change Name Bin from RF Online to Your name bin with length 12 character BIN 2232 BIN 223 *You can use this bin GO HERE