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  1. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    hi thankyou . i solved the problem already , only now i got visual C ++ R6002 RF_Online.bin at the loading screen already unintall all visual C > restart > reinstall everything 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015 > restart > try relogin still got the error , then reinstal the client still got the error . from what i research is either unin and reinstall visual C ++ or reinstall the client but none work
  2. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    im using this bin [216 FU] RF ONLINE RON RELEASE
  3. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    not working i got this now trying to find how to bypass the HS now , maybe it will work ?
  4. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    tried that reg already and did not work too tried dep totally of , also tried on for all program exlcude selected still not work . FW off , AC off is the log only way to find where is the prob ? been searching , why is there so little info about 2.1.6 yet 215, 223, 2232 was alot. -------------------------------- UPDATE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some how it becomes Hackshield err 5 and i think the problem is with ehsvc.dll at hackshield folder (maybe)
  5. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    turned it off totaly , still got the error , still trying to figure it out tho . change bin , change HS . still not working , really hard to search for solution when doing old servers lol
  6. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    thankyou very much ! the launcher for your client is working now but there's more problem , tried server type from 0 to 1 and still the same . changing client 2.1.6 from ron's release to the client you provided and the error is still there then i see the log Here is the log been searching for HS err2 , got Ron's thread and he solved it with DEP turned off , i turned it off , and the error still remain , and i cant find no more abour HS err2 . any solution ? still i really thankyou very much for the client provided before .
  7. kenpaci

    login waiting server

    been trying for days now, cant found any 2.1.6 launcher, i hex the launcher from ron's release client . it keeps on waiting for server message. im using this now i try with the old emulator with appserv, when i open the launcher it gor visual c ++ , only this 2.1.6 my server works fine . can anyone help me ? anyone have clean launcher ? is it the client , server or webserver fault ? thankyou before