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  1. ok thank sir it work now, just for information for who want to test dont work with custom launchers, give error conectionload, you have to use aop launcher default.
  2. i will appreciate if you can zip this exacly client you using and upload, because i already downloaded playpark client, tried with update, without update, with fuzzy bin, with playpark original bin, with fuzzy patch, no one work propely like in your video.
  3. This bin is original from playpark client right ? using this bin work, but many bugs, char invisible after relog, money incorrect value and many others... when i try bin that fuzzy released, i stuck in the first screen (that you have to click start) this button start cant be click, and dont move from this screen.
  4. i appreciate if you can help me setup with global (in my case hamachi) for me keeping giving error when i try connect with launcher
  5. Tried with custom launcher and with default launcher, both cant login, in the default launcher even it open, in custom launcher give error, i change language, at really i even need to change language in R3ngine, because i testing with client from RF PlayPark, default is already Philippines.
  6. Still not working, tried everything, even copy files in en-ph create en-gb, tried change r3ngine, still giving same error.
  7. I downloaded client from PlayPark, and used patch with bin from release of Fuzzy, but having same issue (Connectioninfo load failure), and in client/Datatable have only en-ph paste, what i can do ?
  8. i would to know too, if you can do some video tutorial or guide, i appreciate for the tip from PerfectFurry, i know to hook but i really dont understand "what" to hook and what dll i have to edit in RF Client.
  9. Ohhh, i see have one way to do it, but i dont understand how to do it 😰... i saw in one server that have it, one dll with new date (PurifierB.dll) the name of server is RF MidWay... i know its ask to much, but if you can send me some pics or video doing this...
  10. Hello guys i saw some servers give option in launcher to active or desactive MSAA, its possible implement it in client GU ? or for this need module in server side too ? If someone knows please give me some tips i dont find nothing in forums about that. I think for very old game like RF Online, if can get at least little better details will be very good.
  11. what is the problem ? explain better.
  12. Hello guys i having one problem with some equipaments... in sets with effect like Consul set or another set with any effect have this problem, it happen when you equip full set consul and try to equip set 55int fast, in some part of set he bug, and stay some seconds doing nothing then work... i already did some research and i saw some very old posts talking about equip speed from RF, that zoneserver cant read fast if the bonus is on or is off. i already tested change equipspeed(2,5) in set consul and my another set that have effect, but still the same problem... someone have better soluti
  13. Ok can close the post, i already solved. @ErlBinary helped me to figure out what was the problem. Simple i get strs itemcombine from 223 and did some changes... i32 m_dwTradeMoney; and repeat 5 { cstr[len=8] m_itmPdMat; i32 m_nDur; } } and work perfect.
  14. Hello, anyone can share strs for itemcombine (serverSide) please ?
  15. use datEditor, its more simple for edit, in the forum have almost all strs for use in DataEditor.
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