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  1. Hello! I am Van, As most people know me because of my project called Vanadium, I have my service you guys might want to add to your server. I offer design services on different server that can beat/compete official server and other game designs. DESIGN SERVICES - Server logo - Server branding - Server Social media banners - Website/Forum banners and artworks - Forum staff avatars - Forum staff signatures - Launcher design - Custom loading screen artworks - interface design **based from vanadium 1** (vanadium¬≤ is an exception) - 24/7 on call for information edit on banners such as server announcements OTHER SERVICES - Map texture edit (good for tournaments and events) - Armor texture edit - Weapon texture edit - MAU / SK texture edit - Custom item icons for new items ingame -------------------------------------------------- PRICING: Logo - $75 (negotiable) - Logo package contains: 3 options to choose from 3 maximum revisions. PSD files 4 PNG files (light monochrome, dark monochrome, light colored & dark colored versions) Social media image and Banners - $7 per image Package contains: artwork template (server announcement, server event, server online, server is under maintenance & etc.) JPG file ready to post PSD files Launcher Design - $20 RF Original Launcher / $25 RPPS Design Manager Package contains: Launcher complete files PSD of the main launcher Website / Forum Artworks- $100 Package contains: Background edit 10 staff forum avatars 10 staff forum signatures 5 banners (announcements etc.) add $5 for additional Custom server interface ( Vanadium 1 based ) - $20 Package contains: Custom loading screen Custom targa introduction (RF logo before FG) Custom HUD / Skill bar Map Texture Edit - $10~30 Package contains: texture enhancement Put your RF logo wherever you want on maps Armor, Weapon, MAU, SK Texture Edit - $50-200 (sorry i don't do mesh and effect particles as of this moment) Package contains: Complete 3 races armor texture edit on certain level group (another level group = another price) Complete weapons on certain level groups weapon texture edit MAU - cata & goli on certain level group ** prices depends on the difficulty of the task ** ___________________________________________________ HERE ARE SOME SATISFIED CLIENTS - RF XTGaming BR - 2015 - RF Play Crush PVP - 2016 - RF Impression - 2016 - PiON Gaming - 2017 - fblink - RF Underworld - 2017 - RF Severe - 2017 - - RF Overdose - 2018 - fblink - RF FX v2 - 2018 - fblink For business purpose please contact me via: email: [email protected] facebook page: facebook.com/vnclfdesign you may also join my discord for more information about what I am doing: https://discord.gg/wGAQZ2 ******* If you wanna see more samples of my previous works please refer to my online portfolio by clicking here or my facebook page fb.com/vnclfdesign ****** THANK YOU! special thanks to: PrinceRay Felix(Beta) ErlBinry
  2. vnclf

    R3T files

    Thanks! right now i am still quite busy with different stuff and I am redoing most of it. lol,
  3. vnclf

    R3T files

    I've been searching through the internet on a tool that i need for unpacking and repacking R3T files. Though i found 2 sources (RAGEZone and Thesaurus) but the download link sats "Files does not exist". Can anyone provide a link or the tool ? thanks in a advance!
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