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  1. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    He didn't make that for you. That's been around on web for awhile now. I had a copy of that until my hdd died
  2. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    Last time I talked to fish the one he was making for 2232 was a web based tool. So I doubt you have it.
  3. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    yeah i am currently doing that for 2232 now. do you know if the server to client builder still works for doing 2232? i cant recall for sure but i think fish said that that the builder uses the structs when building client side files
  4. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    after some testing i did figure out that if you have a zone header to compare to to see what columns you are missing you can just add em to current structs to read 2232. now i cant say for sure that the server to client builder will function properly still as i havent tested that yet. for the most part so far all they are missing to open 2232 are these from structs ive edited to 2232 so far atleast. char m_strEffBulletType[64]; int m_nGoldPoint; int m_nKillPoint; int m_nProcPoint; once this is fully updated to 2232 client and server ill try the server to client builder to see if it works. if someone has already tried this please tell me so i dont was my time.
  5. Freedom

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    sort of off topic i guess but not at the same time since it is a addon idea of sorts. soo back when i was running one of my RF 223 servers i went to uh forget his name Rus guy starts with F meh anyways i had 6 chip wars vs normal 3. and yes they were fully working chip wars every 4 hours. just tossing idea out since i know it can be done
  6. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    so i noticed that no ones posted this here yet so i will. Side note if anyone has the 2232 template for this by chance post a link for others and myself please. as im just now coming back to RF and wanting to run a 2232 server. run down of tool. dat editor with build-in server to client converter. easy to use tool that also includes a feature for adding lines. So far ive never had problems with this tool adding white space when adding new lines and data so. Tool was made by Fish when he was doing RF-Tomato this does come with the 223 template. ive tried contacting Fish over the years about a 2232 template for this to no avail since i know for a fact that this is the tool that he used to import all of 2232 into his 223 server at the time. Download
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