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  1. Nitrogen

    EQG Game CP files (Incomplete)

    Any Screenshot?
  2. how many population and zoneserver?
  3. Nitrogen

    [HElP] Upgrade Logs of Items

    can anyone interpret what happened here? or what did he do? NAME: - [01/31 17:59] WORLD: - SR: 229 ID:-(218) DGR: 0 LV: 48 XP: 1138336692061 (237999) RACE: 1 SEX: 1 CurClass:CFS3 OldClass 0:CFB0, 1:CFF2, 2:-1 LastClassGrade: 2 InitClassCnt: 0 $D: 16960331 ( 0 push ) $G: 134 PvP: 82425 CB: 0 BAG: 5 IP: - TIME: 3218 EQUIP [email protected][103576976949251] [email protected][103576976949252] [email protected][103576976949248] [email protected][103576976949249] [email protected][103576976949250] [email protected][103561325576194] [email protected][103559215316997] EMBELL iicsa02[103559577337859] iacsa02[103559577337857] iacsa02[103559577337856] iicsa02[103559577337858] INVEN [email protected][103559215316993] [email protected][103560410890240] [email protected][103559262830593] [email protected][103568602955776] [email protected][103566284226560] [email protected][103561366339586] [email protected][103561694019584] [email protected][103564891258880] [email protected][103564615680000] [email protected][103559215185920] [email protected][103559215316992] [email protected][103561366339587] [email protected][103569289576449] [email protected][103559215316996] [email protected][103561010282502] [email protected][103564616007680] [email protected][103564616007681] [email protected][103559262830594] [email protected][103561010282503] [email protected][103572061683712] [email protected][103572061683713] [email protected][103561366339588] [email protected][103560357543936] [email protected][103561010282504] [email protected][103576922816512] [email protected][103571678560256] [email protected][103559474511872] [email protected][103564618170368] [email protected][103559855144969] [email protected][103564634554369] [email protected][103561053667328] [email protected][103572376322051] [email protected][103561362472960] [email protected][103561362472961] [email protected][103576922816513] [email protected][103576922816514] [email protected][103576974721024] [email protected][103559691370496] [email protected][103576974721025] [email protected][103576974721026] [email protected][103568423649282] [email protected][103572376322052] [email protected][103565062897668] [email protected][103561010282505] [email protected][103561002156032] [email protected][103561709813760] [email protected][103572377829376] [email protected][103561694412800] [email protected][103564732465152] [email protected][103568423649283] [email protected][103568845832194] [email protected][103572378353664] [email protected][103569289576448] [email protected][103571047251970] [email protected][103572378353665] [email protected][103561002156033] [email protected][103572378353666] [email protected][103572378681344] [email protected][103572380712961] [email protected][103572380712962] [email protected][103572380712963] [email protected][103572380712964] [email protected][103572380712965] [email protected][103568463101952] [email protected][103572389625856] [email protected][103572389625857] [email protected][103572663107584] [email protected][103572762132480] [email protected]f55555[103561002090496] [email protected][103570378063872] [email protected][103561325576193] [email protected][103572672741376] [email protected][103561325576192] [email protected][103568778133504] [email protected][103570835898368] FORCE icfla00_16777215[80350831968256] icala00_16777215[80350831968256] ictla00_16777215[80350831968256] icwla00_16777215[80350831968256] icdls01_16777215[80350831968256] icdls02_16777215[80350831968256] icdls03_16777215[80350831968256] icdms01_16777215[80350831968256] icdms02_16777215[80350831968256] icdms03_16777215[80350831968256] icdhs01_16777215[80350831968256] icdhs02_16777215[80350831968256] icdhs03_16777215[80350831968256] ichls01_16777215[80350831968256] ichls02_16777215[80350831968256] ichls03_16777215[80350831968256] ichms01_16777215[80350831968256] ichms02_16777215[80350831968256] ichms03_16777215[80350831968256] ichhs01_16777215[80350831968256] ichhs02_16777215[80350831968256] ichhs03_16777215[80350831968256] icfla02_16777215[80350831968256] icfla03_16777215[80350831968256] icfla04_16777215[80350831968256] icfma01_16777215[80350831968256] icfma02_16777215[80350831968256] icfma03_16777215[80350831968256] icfma04_16777215[80350831968256] icfha01_16777215[80350831968256] icfha02_16777215[80350831968256] icfha03_16777215[80350831968256] icfha04_16777215[80350831968256] icala02_16777215[80350831968256] icala03_16777215[80350831968256] icala04_16777215[80350831968256] icama01_16777215[80350831968256] icama02_16777215[80350831968256] icama03_16777215[80350831968256] icama04_16777215[80350831968256] icaha01_16777215[80350831968256] icaha02_16777215[80350831968256] icaha03_16777215[80350831968256] icaha04_16777215[80350831968256] ictla02_16777215[80350831968256] ictla03_16777215[80350831968256] ictla04_16777215[80350831968256] ictma01_16777215[80350831968256] ictma02_16777215[80350831968256] ictma03_16777215[80350831968256] ictma04_16777215[80350831968256] ictha01_16777215[80350831968256] ictha02_16777215[80350831968256] ictha03_16777215[80350831968256] ictha04_16777215[80350831968256] icwla02_16777215[80350831968256] icwla03_16777215[80350831968256] icwla04_16777215[80350831968256] icwma01_16777215[80350831968256] icwma02_16777215[80350831968256] icwma03_16777215[80350831968256] icwma04_16777215[80350831968256] icwha01_16777215[80350831968256] icwha02_16777215[80350831968256] icwha03_16777215[80350831968256] icwha04_16777215[80350831968256] RES ANIMUS ijccc02_330466757[103559577337859] ijccc01_2415[103559577337857] ijccc03_250112976[103559577337856] ijccc04_330466757[103559577337858] TRUNK (slot:60, ^D:0, ^G:0) ( ^D:0, ^G:0 push ) [email protected][103566429454337] C [email protected][103569004888064] C [email protected][103561660792832] C [email protected][103561656205312] C [email protected][103561666887680] C [email protected][103569660444673] C [email protected][103569008164864] C [email protected][103569016946688] C [email protected][103562186326016] C [email protected][103569267752960] C [email protected][103567375990784] C [email protected][103561673310208] C [email protected][103568721313792] C [email protected][103568722165760] C [email protected][103568825778177] C [email protected][103568723542016] C [email protected][103569028284416] C [email protected][103569014915072] C [email protected][103568720855040] C [email protected][103570901237763] C ============ ============ POST STORAGE >> POST NUM = 0 [No] [PostSerial] [State] [Sender] [Title] [Item] [Gold] ============ ============ RETURN POST STORAGE >> RETURN POST NUM = 0 [No] [PostSerial] [Receiver] [State] [Title] [Item] [Gold] ============ USE CASH ITEM: [email protected][103568602955776] [01/31 18:06] USE CASH ITEM: [email protected][103568602955776] [01/31 18:12]
  4. Nitrogen

    [HElP] Upgrade Logs of Items

    thanks sir! ?‍♂️
  5. Nitrogen

    [HElP] Upgrade Logs of Items

    Hello, is there anyone who knows how can I trace the logs of all upgrades in the server? thanks
  6. Can I see whos last hit the Chip via date and whos the CB Killer? I doubt it posted in SQLServer but i didnt know where. Thank you!
  7. Nitrogen

    [Question] Windows Server OS

    Hello, I just want to ask if there's critical disadvantage of using Trial Windows Server OS? I never tried to run Server before so I dont have idea of what the effects of using Windows Server Trial. I searched on google about it and this is what I found Based on the quote above, it says that after the Trial Period of Windows Server OS, there will be random down of your server until you license it. Im not sure if this is true to those who already run their server. I hope there's someone who will share about it. Thanks!
  8. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    Got it! Thank you! ?
  9. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    Got it! Thanks!, last question. How can I set the top 3 items? What changes I need to do in CashShop.dat(Server) ? Because if theres no top items provided in the screenshot, the client crash.
  10. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    How about specific item? I mean I just want to remove iqcsa11 ? I tried it to convert the iqcsa11 into CSCC Converter Server to Client Code and the Conversion of iqcsa11 is $C2120011 but the problem is when I search $C2120011 it shows multiple result. I searched it and there were 3-4 $C2120011 code in the ItemCash(Client). Still I cant figure the right way of removing specific items. ?
  11. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    Hello guys, I need help for removing Items in Cash Shop. Is there anyone knows how to remove such items? I already did this but no luck ServerSide CashShop.dat Change value to 0 (disable) ClientSide ItemCash.edf Change value to 0 (disable)
  12. Nitrogen

    Lagging In My Server ( Freeze )

    what do you mean time to time process? what exact example for this?
  13. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    thank you so much sir, last question. How to use this? what would be the right ID: and Password: ? and what config I need to change?
  14. Nitrogen

    Database Error

    did you tried it in your local before publishing it on a live server?
  15. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    sad to say but i cant find this on my server files. anyone have spare of this program? ?
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