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  1. Nitrogen

    Lagging In My Server ( Freeze )

    what do you mean time to time process? what exact example for this?
  2. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    thank you so much sir, last question. How to use this? what would be the right ID: and Password: ? and what config I need to change?
  3. Nitrogen

    Database Error

    did you tried it in your local before publishing it on a live server?
  4. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Cant find RFManagerTool download

    sad to say but i cant find this on my server files. anyone have spare of this program? 😔
  5. Hello guys, is there anyone have spare file about this tool? thanks!
  6. Nitrogen

    [HELP] How to fetch Councils from database

    Thanks got it, any hints on what query to retrieve this back to my web?
  7. May I ask how to get the current councils from 3 Races and display it in Cpanel or Website like in the Rayzer GameCP? I cant find the right table and database. Thanks!
  8. Nitrogen

    i need help please

    Sorry for disturbing but may I ask where did you get that RFManagerTool? Thanks!
  9. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Activate Default Fireguard

    why its not work? you said it shows flash logo indicating that main fireguard execute
  10. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Activate Default Fireguard

    Hello, is there anyone knows how to activate the FGRS.ini , the Default Fireguard in the Client and Server side. I have here fireguard but it sets off since its required to off when in Offline mode. Plug: Enable FG_CB
  11. Nitrogen


    May I ask about this? if we change the verkey in the client part. we can still see the verkey since it can be decrypted by that .strs above. I mean we can see the verkey in the legit client RF_Online.bin and can be put in any Modified RF_Online.bin.
  12. Nitrogen

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Guys, is there any have the RF_Online.bin with fix auction house? I mean the rf_online.bin of yorozuya. I cant fix it with my default rf_online.bin and it keeps crashing when clicking 1m worth of item. Thanks!
  13. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Auction Buy Error

    What do you mean? Is that bug exist by default?
  14. Nitrogen

    RF GameCP V2

    What emulator do you use? and PHP Version?
  15. Nitrogen

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    oh I didnt think about that, that's just make sense. I'll try it later and hope it will successful. thanks sir and to others who helped me edit: thats me, forgot my credentials
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