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  1. "Addicted" Boxes

    That is right. For some reason, when opening other races elemental boxes, only the first item in the list will ever come out. Years editing servers and i didnt know that lol. Thats no bug then, though still strange Thanks for the help!
  2. "Addicted" Boxes

    Found a pretty major bug in the files (clean boxitemout) : Some boxes are "addicted", in which only the first item in the list ever comes out no matter how the percentage is set up That happens in: bxdha22 (cora darkhall elemental box) bxdha23 (acc darkhall elemental box) (for some reason, the bell box is OK even though the configuration is the same, with different item codes) And some other elemental boxes as well Couldnt figure out why. If i swap the codes, the first will always come out with 100% Anyone has a clue about how to go on fixing this?
  3. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Though that is a workaround, the bug still exist and the players will complain about it. Everytime you relogin, need to do it again. As a sidenote, i knew a server back in 2015 (embers of novus) that had 100% working hunting/processing/gold points with no bugs and i have their bin, however, for some reason, the bin doesnt work, i guess it is connected with some kind of client protection. I believe the correct way to fix the hunting points can be found in their bin, so here it is if anyone wants to try, but be generous to share it if the solution is found. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ippqcslndep7tc8/RF_Online(2).bin
  4. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Tried with your bin - same problem (check image) It shows on character panel, but is bugged in stores, and the same happens with gold point when applying this patch ( see image for the two bugs)
  5. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Bugged. While it makes hunting point show ingame, it is still bugged when trying to buy from NPC ( still shows "red" even if you have the necessary points - same bug as before) It also bugs gold point - now even if you have the gold points to buy a item from npc, it will be "red" It only makes hunting point show on C, which is useless, because you cant use it to buy from NPC The patch does up not only failing to fix hunting point, it also bugs gold point
  6. Offset to fix GM access backdoor

    If this is the 0x29788 offset, there is no 75 value to change to EB =/ Is the offset wrong?
  7. Offset to fix GM access backdoor

    How exactly to apply this? Already tried in hex editor couldnt find anything remotely close to this
  8. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    What is the current situation on this guard? any major bugs/crashes that people need to be aware of?
  9. Best Zone Protection

    For 2232, i guess there are only two protections (devcorp and cerberus). And to be honest, you would need a huge population of players to break even for buying one of them ( devcorp is 600$ and cerberus 1000$+).
  10. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    How did you fix the script files to allow the yorozuya zone to open?
  11. RF Europe

    It seems that a new official rf server will open for europe, hosted by the same company that manages rf russia https://www.facebook.com/rfonlineeu/ https://eu.4game.com/rf Any hopes up for it? is the russian version any different than standard 2232? patches made for redfox after golden age just ruined the game though (aoe maus, more pay to win, lv 80 cap....)
  12. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    As for the population problem, i think only certain asian servers will ever get more than 500 players online, since the game is still popular there, in fact most servers don't ever stand a chance getting 200+ online and the fact is that almost all of them struggle to maintain more than a dozen players. When a major gaming brazillian facebook page (500k+ likes) opened a server last year, it had 450 players at launch but after 3 months the server was empty. Redfox official server also lacks real players and i don't think it ever got more than 3k online, so it is quite amazing that a private server is getting such high population I would advice against helping that clebson guy, know as clebson francelino the rf online vermin in brazil, he just open a server and close it after enought people have donated, escaping with the money, closing the fb groups and claiming the server was hacked, and has been doing that since 2015, at least, i would say he has done that 12 times by now, always coming back with a new server name and facebook group, but since he isnt intelligent enought not to use his real name in the donation info or even protect his files, its easy to detect him in his news verminous ventures. Can't think of a better leecher
  13. These files also have the incorrect sette boss and ether boss (john carter researcher) The correct boss would be the golden pig
  14. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Ohh thats right. I did move an npc from sette to another map. But in normal zone, it opens without problems, is there any way to make this zone work too? Or need to create new npc from scratch ?
  15. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Here is my error: normal sette boss in released 2232 files is chief researcher john carter ( original 2232 pig should be there) So i change the boss to the pig - ok - works perfectly in normal zone But in this zone i get these errors: So, i have to use the original files, and the protected zone works, but it is not correct, since pig should be the sette/ether boss These errors also happens when i edit exp.dat and timeritem.dat