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  1. This has been a hard time to find someone to trust, yes, RF lack of it. In the past years, I have been cheated with my own team, as well as my friends have been cheated too. I still don't find the reason to do it, but ok. This time I have a list of things to do to create the game, plus I want someone who can edit and give the idea to make this game great. Every donation going to be to keep the server alive and pay every developer for his work. Maybe you will come with the mind to make a lot of money and I don't judge for that, because every person time is gold, but my goal is to make a server that can last as long it can and keep every player happy playing with us. I have been putting a lot of efforts fixing RF online bugs, adding new stuff, changing things that people never use for things that people can use, etc. IF YOU REALLY WILL LIKE TO MAKE A GREAT SERVER OF RF ONLINE, send me a message, if you are a scammer, don't bother to send a message or if you are planning to help your friends by being developer, don't even bother to message me. I hope I can find some nice people here. Cheers.
  2. Alex01

    [STRS] QuestNPCEvent.strs

    Fixed, thank you.
  3. Could you please post a video showing the difference between this and the new one? Thank you.
  4. Alex01

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    Thank you so much, it worked! I need to study more about C# and Visual Studio!
  5. Alex01

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    @Ron Thanks for the release, it worked fine now. I have a small question, can you add a ''Remember Login '' ? or teach me how to do it, I can't find the way to make it lol
  6. Alex01

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    I tried the source and doesnt work on Global IP. I am trying to connecto a Hamachi IP
  7. Alex01

    Source Code Launcher C#

    This is weird... I tried many things and still doesn't log into the game, I get an error called '' Lang Pack Reading Failure'' , plus to make the launcher at least get to this point, I need to put all files from the ''release folder'' into RF online folder. I don't know how you guys succeed to make it work lol
  8. Alex01

    RF Map Tool

    Weird.. it doesnt work for me.. just a black page and i did follow all the instructions =/
  9. Alex01

    213/117 Possession

    Someone knows how can I put my self a guild into a possession? Any query or something that can help me with this? Thanks in advance!
  10. Alex01

    Buff GM NPC

    How can i make a NPC that give you buff GM ?
  11. Alex01

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    Why i can't run it? after i put the 3 files then it closes immediately. Any tip? Thanks in advance!
  12. Alex01

    Only PT gm

    But i guess this query increase all PT ( You have everything unlocked ), haven't tried it yet, but reading it, looks like it.
  13. Alex01

    Only PT gm

    Thanks you!, i did it manually and now you post the solution haha ?
  14. Alex01

    Only PT gm

    Someone here have a query with PT's GM? just PT GM , thats all it would be appreciated, thanks you!
  15. Alex01

    Level 55 lock

    I have been reading a lot about caping level 55, but the only way that have worked for me is editing exp.dat, but then the character never loose exp, any way to cap level 55 or make the player loose exp after editing the exp.dat? Thanks in advance!
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