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  1. LordMasterAddon

    How add new Quest Daily

  2. classic is age of patron version CMIIW
  3. it was already encrypter lol
  4. LordMasterAddon

    Max level 55

    try it @Zion
  5. LordMasterAddon

    Max level 55

    hello Zion if u wanna make server with max lv 55 u need edit general set to 55 & stop OpenLevel Quest 56 (need edit quest.dat) i hope this tutors help you gbu
  6. LordMasterAddon

    Offset multi windows for RF "Age of Patron" Version

    try debug this bin using IDAPro
  7. LordMasterAddon

    Client Side Quest.strs and 2.2.3

    use ur brain
  8. LordMasterAddon

    Use SQL Disable Skill Master

    Edit on (Server Side) Force & Skill Dat grade Skillmaster Need Use HP Set = 9999999
  9. LordMasterAddon

    Issues HP Limit

    dunno about this addrs
  10. LordMasterAddon

    Issues HP Limit

    hello everyone can i ask about HP limit Display How to Expand HP limit Display on Character ? but if HP after 60k++ will be rollback into lower HP (cant up limit hp into 64k++) Before Using Elemental HP After Using Elemental HP HP Possibly will rollback . how to fix it?
  11. LordMasterAddon

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    goodw1nxp can make that mod shared temps but u need paying for that mod
  12. LordMasterAddon

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    u use rfonline bin from the archive? or not
  13. LordMasterAddon

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    on my production server, my players always disconnect if battle start (war) running ex : player logout / dc , trying login into game and boom disconect. after battle war end not dc again
  14. LordMasterAddon

    AOP files

    take ItemLooting.rar CombineTable2.zip