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  1. kshmilyhui

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    How do we calculate this time unit?
  2. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    offset, script, client has changed. last module
  3. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    i will try to fix this bug
  4. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    65536, because the value type is int16
  5. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    I checked all the configurations. The volume of blood was locked on the line, and the module must be implemented.
  6. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    the max hp is in script. not used??? what function call?
  7. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    when the role use class skill code 8f14a, in client, animus hp is full, but in the server, hp is not full.
  8. kshmilyhui

    Animus MaxLevel

    Hello everyone, I set the maximum pet level to 81 in my own test server. When the character uses the ability to restore all HP, the client is full, but in fact there is no effect. How can I fix it? I have changed the upper limit of the pet level of the server and the client, and the script has also added data
  9. kshmilyhui

    Best Zoneserver protection? (paid or free)

    Just give you a word, technology should be in your own hands, otherwise it will be the money of bottomless pit.
  10. kshmilyhui

    How to Fix 215 Mail

    in the game, the mail is send succes, but in the table, have no data.
  11. kshmilyhui

    How to Fix 215 Mail

    after role send a mail, there is any db error: 0 09/22/18 12:58:28 : Query : update tbl_PostRegistry set dck=0,sendserial=1,sendname='123',recvname='123',title='1',content=' ',k=-1,d=0,u=268435455,gold=1,sendrace=2,userdgr=2,uid=0 where serial=0 1 09/22/18 12:58:28 : SQLExecDirect Returns : SQL_NO_DATA and in the game, the sended mail is not receive, how to fix it, i use the ron's 215 server
  12. kshmilyhui

    Ore Battle Error

    how can i fix this,?
  13. kshmilyhui

    Weapon Damage Error

    Completely copy data is not manually changed
  14. kshmilyhui

    Weapon Damage Error

    The server must be restarted, but still the same effect.
  15. kshmilyhui

    Weapon Damage Error

    yes, you can try it