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  1. Is this project a private project?
  2. Is it complicated to set up? Those who have higher prices will get it. It feels like getting a server-side file under the pretext of a service. If so, I provide free erection services
  3. Can you give me a detailed step, or can it be achieved by changing the database?
  4. who can tell me how can i test vote in my local server, im try change the system time, but, Still unable to test.
  5. How Can i Add Persistence BUFF or DEBUFF, like ore battle buff or debuff.
  6. what is Auto Aim monster,please show me
  7. 2.1.5 developer? have server source code?
  8. After I deleted the map code of an NPC on the server side, the client NPC disappeared, but when I select another NPC, I will get the following prompt. Character Targeting has failded ,I checked the code and found that the NPC is not online. How can I fix it?
  9. Your map tool can't be used under win7 x64, I have configured it according to the instructions, but unfortunately there is no effect.
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