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  1. How to Fix 215 Mail

    in the game, the mail is send succes, but in the table, have no data.
  2. How to Fix 215 Mail

    after role send a mail, there is any db error: 0 09/22/18 12:58:28 : Query : update tbl_PostRegistry set dck=0,sendserial=1,sendname='123',recvname='123',title='1',content=' ',k=-1,d=0,u=268435455,gold=1,sendrace=2,userdgr=2,uid=0 where serial=0 1 09/22/18 12:58:28 : SQLExecDirect Returns : SQL_NO_DATA and in the game, the sended mail is not receive, how to fix it, i use the ron's 215 server
  3. Ore Battle Error

    how can i fix this,?
  4. Weapon Damage Error

    Completely copy data is not manually changed
  5. Weapon Damage Error

    The server must be restarted, but still the same effect.
  6. Weapon Damage Error

    yes, you can try it
  7. Weapon Damage Error

    Is it related to code? i use iwstb65's data to replease iwtza55's data, and chnage the code iwtzb65, but It's still the same.
  8. Weapon Damage Error

    Hello, I replaced the same weapon data at 55 with the weapon data at 65, but in the actual game test found that the damage of the replaced weapon data is never as high as that of the original data. Who knows why and how to repair it?
  9. Ore Battle Error

    Why, on my server, the ore war started again within 30 minutes after the end of the war, is the database out of order? How should I fix this problem? I checked the INI configuration of mine warfare, which proved that there was no problem.
  10. i want to make the system notification in the CHAT_TYPE_RACEBOSS_CRY channel, but when i call the function, there is the 2 problem is: first, there is no name of the sender, and two, there is a garbled code in the character. How do I fix it?
  11. 1.5b Interface on 2232

    How to use the 1.5b interface on the 2232 server. copy directly over is messy
  12. mini map address name error

    the problem is the server file, mapdata, must copy the new map data to insert this file;
  13. mini map address name error

    Please ask the administrator to close or delete the post. I have found the problem and processed it.
  14. mini map address name error

    the address's name is null,how to fix this . .