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  1. kshmilyhui


    Is this project a private project?
  2. Is it complicated to set up? Those who have higher prices will get it. It feels like getting a server-side file under the pretext of a service. If so, I provide free erection services
  3. kshmilyhui

    Test Vote System On Local Server

    Can you give me a detailed step, or can it be achieved by changing the database?
  4. kshmilyhui

    Test Vote System On Local Server

    nobody know this?
  5. kshmilyhui

    Test Vote System On Local Server

    who can tell me how can i test vote in my local server, im try change the system time, but, Still unable to test.
  6. kshmilyhui

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    so,how do you want to do it
  7. kshmilyhui

    Persistence BUFF or DEBUFF

    How Can i Add Persistence BUFF or DEBUFF, like ore battle buff or debuff.
  8. kshmilyhui

    About Auto Aim monster

    what is Auto Aim monster,please show me
  9. kshmilyhui

    help please closes zone

    have log files?
  10. kshmilyhui


    2.1.5 developer? have server source code?
  11. kshmilyhui

    Master Skills

    how edit skillforce?
  12. kshmilyhui

    how can i fix select npc bug

    After I deleted the map code of an NPC on the server side, the client NPC disappeared, but when I select another NPC, I will get the following prompt. Character Targeting has failded ,I checked the code and found that the NPC is not online. How can I fix it?
  13. kshmilyhui

    [Help] RF Online Maps to Blender or 3DS Max

    Your map tool can't be used under win7 x64, I have configured it according to the instructions, but unfortunately there is no effect.
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