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  1. About AoE Mau

    how to do it? change the unitarms attack type or change unitbullet?
  2. About AoE Mau

    yes,It's like the effect in your video,
  3. About AoE Mau

    change the mau bullet?
  4. About AoE Mau

    I saw the machine armor attack and the gun attack in other servers, and the effect was the same. It was good. I tried to modify the attack type. Unfortunately, there was no effect.
  5. Animus Missing Effect

    in my server, i added the animus level 81, but whe animus level Exceed 70, the effect is missing, how to fix this. in the bin, there has three offset control animus mesh. I don't know if there's anything to do with this
  6. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    can you tell me your skype? i want to talk something about this project.
  7. About RPK Maked

    How to create a custom RFK file and include a list of files.
  8. [Help] Master Skill

    the key is?
  9. Party Exp Offset

    this is the source? or IDA
  10. how clear the battle info

    some table can not clear the data, So far, I don't know what the data is for. thanks , i will test it
  11. how clear the battle info

    i was wipe the datatable, but not right, can you tell me the table name?
  12. (HELP) CHANGING UI OPTION TO ADD Auto Target Setting

    can you give us the client download url? which clinet has this function
  13. how clear the battle info

    any one can help me?
  14. how to add the new quest in the npc button

    I tried to add new tasks, server Quest.dat, QuestNPCEvent.dat, client Quest.dat, NDQuest.dat, but unfortunately still failed. Who can help me
  15. how to add the new quest in the npc, i want to add the everyday quest