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  1. How do I want to move the weapon? Thank you.
  2. KEN975488

    archon armor error 45.50

    Thank you very much. Ron.. I am slowly exploring
  3. KEN975488

    archon armor error 45.50

    Thank you very much!! Ron gave me the information.. I am currently using a one-click server to set up the server. I am a newcomer who does not understand the program at all.. Each file is slowly groping by searching... I used to like it in high school. This game.. so I really want to have a re-line RF server... round a dream... The current server and client files on the forum are not fully matching (not in sync). There is a way to give me a server. Can I match the client?? I don't know how to make changes myself.. very helpless and don't want to give up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This problem is caused by your client-side Store.EDF and server-side StoreList.dat not being in sync for that NPC Store.EDF ..StoreList.dat - Where can I find these 2 folders are there?
  4. KEN975488

    archon armor error 45.50

    I am a layman. Where is this file... I don't know how to modify it.. But I will try my best. I can trouble give me the picture prompt.. I am very grateful.
  5. KEN975488

    archon armor error 45.50

    Excuse me,. 45 Archon armor. Buying shoes can lead to errors, and then the .50 Archon armor can't buy. The purchase will be wrong. can you help me? I have been bothered for a long time..... [ Use 2232-PlayRF + 2232-BaseDir ] I am working hard to check the information myself. But there is no way to solve the problem. Can give me a picture suggestion.. or where the folder is.. because I am a layman.. will not write the program.. Thank you Ron Please help me.. Thank you. https://imgur.com/a/EuWVYOF ---------------------------------------- I am very sorry to cause trouble to everyone. Forgot to translate..
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