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  1. why i cant use ring / amulet , worng in config server or client ? please help me
  2. kyzryu

    Character.strs for RF

    ah my bad , chracter.edf out from directory en-gb work , but in from directory en-gb and Out direcroty en-gb im using ur shared , what make that file diffrent ? and how to add block line ? example i want to edit cap lvl 66 to 70 but 67 - 70 pt back to 1 can u teach me ?
  3. kyzryu

    Character.strs for RF

    any something worng with you child pt ?
  4. kyzryu

    Pack RF Online Development

    do you have exp calculator ? i want edit cap lvl but i dont know defrent exp 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 70
  5. you can download this first DOWNLOAD (Full Client Patron) second Download This DOWNLOAD Then Extract to Folder Full Clinet For Reserve Patch to Golden Mystery
  6. kyzryu

    Project Server Long Term RPG/PVP

    thanks u so much ray , u are the best
  7. kyzryu

    Project Server Long Term RPG/PVP

    how about armor code / weapon code?
  8. kyzryu

    Project Server Long Term RPG/PVP

    share armor patron please :v ,im so confused for add new line to resources
  9. kyzryu

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    @g00dw1n , enchant.json file missing ? btw for use source code just can using vs2017 ? because im using 2015 microsoft target platform error , and wht version for vs 2017 , enterprise , community, or pro ? thanks before
  10. kyzryu

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    @g00dw1n , for potion effect just change PotionEffect.dat like this ? and for global.json change False to True like this ?
  11. kyzryu

    Video Guide how to Make Strs Server Side

    Im sorry nova , to night my connection so bad to many rto and now already edited
  12. You can create own ur strs Thank for Novanakal for give me knowledege Header Line for Structure file btw Headerline for strs still many more , u can find in ragezone or i will update this post later if u ask me how to make strs client side , my answare "IDK" because im still learn Hex Editor, " its so Hard ". if u want create strs client side you need RF_Online.pdb but i dont have . Original tutorial http://forum.ragezone.com/f480/guide-strs-header-801714/ Download Video : Tutorial_Create_strs.zip
  13. kyzryu

    [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    Wuahh thank you
  14. kyzryu

    [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    I told u for take 2nd job first (job lvl 40) u can take job 1 at lvl 30 then 2nd job lvl 40 Then u can use it
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