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  1. Pinavvet

    Mau movement

    cool thanks soo much
  2. Pinavvet

    Mau movement

    Hi i have question is it able to add option to change into keyboard mode from amuse mode to be able to drive by w,a,s,d? if yes then how to do it where i can find this option couse i was looking 4 this and cant find this.
  3. hi i have question how to edit structure? cause box itemout dont work with actual structure
  4. ok i did it thanks soo much for help
  5. yeah i know i changed it and i already im taking this items what i insert but items in same quest have basic items. And this is my problem i insert new items to quest.dat and im taking it by this quest but in this same quest annoucment r icons of old items
  6. i thint it will not help to change icons in quest annoucment.
  7. Hi i have question how i can edit icons in new char creating annoucment or delete it i mean this annoucment what u see after creating new char and it shows start weapons and box. I was looking ewery where but didnt see it r it named differently than items codes? i mean interactive icons in this annoucment.https://imgur.com/a/7WKoD58
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