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    Hi, thanks so much for the great files, i can see that the server files is included yoroyuza game guard, which version is the game guard for the server files? cuz if thats not the latest, i want to download the latest version yoroyuza game guard, and should i download in per version or i just can automatically jump to the latest version?
  2. anjay

    Install SQL Server 2008 R2

    hi guys, i want to try install the setup but got confused now, which sql server is for windows 10 ? does sql server 2008 r2 is compatible with windows 10? help me please
  3. anjay

    How to make effect on under lvl 30 weapon?

    solved, thank you somuch bro god bless u!
  4. anjay

    How to make effect on under lvl 30 weapon?

    tysm! never thought about that before lol.. last one please, which much annoys me so much, how to add new resource on RFSinfo.dat? i recently add DA fire client side for my client and confused to add the texture on RFSinfo.dat
  5. anjay

    How to make effect on under lvl 30 weapon?

    thx masbro im using the pvp aura for my weapon right now last Question, how i know or how to match the icon SPR in game ? ie : i have a dagnu elems, so i want to add the new icon in the spr dds and replace the NO IMAGE icon, then what code icon it would be?? since i dont want to replace original dagnu icon..
  6. Guys, i wanna add an effect/glowing effect just like relic have onto my under lvl 30 weapon ie Katana, how to do that? Any cluee?
  7. anjay

    Useful Offsets

    @kyzryu thankss youre a god!!! btw why my zonecrash after i logged in 2 GM Id Character?
  8. anjay

    Useful Offsets

    Hello guys, in using strs like kyzryu for dual login, i already change number 1 to 2 & 5 but it still nothing change, when i try run another rf its said another rf online has been running. How to fix that? @ammandes
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