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  1. Demi

    Best Zoneserver protection? (paid or free)

    For paid gameguards: Dev-corp (Updated) CERBERUS (Sad to say they stop selling license now)
  2. Demi

    RF PON

    Server Information: Max Level: 55 Cap Exp Rate: High Rate Drop Rate: Mid Rate Quest Reward: ON Daily Quest: ON Battle Dungeon: OFF Mail: ON All Items are Farmable Balance Game Play Free Returnees Weapons Multi-Login is allowed Cross Class is Available, Balanced No more damage bugs. CW TIME & SERVER TIME GMT+8 (5am, 1pm and 9pm) New Features: *New Modules* Shared Temporary Points System Auto Party Leader Loot System PB's Fixed Pit Boss Respawn Time System Auto Loot System New PvP System: *New Module* PvP system will be enable when you reach level 55 Kill = +300 Temporary Points Death = -150 Temporary Points Shared Party Temporary Points all party members = +150 PvP System disabled on Lowbies New PvP System: *Extended Module* Cash Point PvP System will be enable when you reach level 55 Kill = +1,000 Cash Point Anti - Abuse / Anti Feeding Proteciotn = ON! Shared Party Cash Points all party members = +200 Killing Same Person Restriction - 3Hours (Must wait 3 hours before killing the same person) PvP Cash Point System disabled on Lowbies Upgrade System: +1 to +3 = Item Safe / Easy +4 = Item Safe / Moderate +5 = Item Not Safe / Hard +6 = Default Rate / Item Not Safe Warning: Upgrading +1 to +4 - Upgrade Failed & Talic Destroyed will occur ChipWar Reward Win: 50,000 CPT Daily Quest Reward 50,000 CPT [Daily] Website: https://rf-pon.com/ Facebook Fan Page: https://web.facebook.com/RF-Online-Pioneers-Of-Novus-595870717494067/
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