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  1. legendofcr33d

    Maybe Someone can guide me

    i added this new armor model but when i try to hit the player who use it i have a strange visual bug or something. can someone tell me if its item.edf mistake or resource.edf? https://ibb.co/HBC9Y7N
  2. legendofcr33d


    iCProtect™ Update * Chipbreaker Announcer ,Reward *Force Attack/Ranger/Mellee Radius or Distance Fix "warning message" *Source Base on vs2019
  3. legendofcr33d


    Hello, i just want to update all of you guys that i will release the first version of this iCoreProtect for free before this September end, i know it took me too long to make this one done for some reason.then when everything's fine i rewrote the project to vs2019. God bless all you guys and STAY HOME STAY SAFE.
  4. legendofcr33d


    new Improved iCorePro. its been a long time. Stay Tune
  5. legendofcr33d


    i know its been too long since i came back.. and here some screenshots to prove that im still working on my project and will release soon as i can,. Thank you so much. i still work deeper on this. just keep in touch i have alot of fun mods in this one, but i dont know if all of you will appreciate it. https://prnt.sc/p0lyrl https://prnt.sc/p0m18s i also re-apply /improve the system on this one, but basically it was base on old modules that you can found on web. Thanks!
  6. legendofcr33d

    RF Online Source Code

    I can Confirm that is Giga Version of RF Online 2004.
  7. legendofcr33d


    Thanks Again Ron, And yes that's why im doing my best to release a full source with paid features, and about g00dw1n source i also re-implement those fixes in to source that im using, i will release this as soon as i finished some new feature. im just having trouble now about this CreateThead part which doesn't allow some packet.. common feature of module are working Newly added: Reload ini's without restarting zoneserver MauExp:Tested BufferSystem:Tested PotionSystem:Tested BootySystem:Tested LootSystem with range and count Flyhack:Tested need Improvement Glitches:Tested need Improvement ASPD:Tested need Improvement AutoBan with Notice so all players who was get banned Chatlog all working ChatBan also implemented Many More. ZoneConfig came from STRS i decided to attach it also on this module. Keep in touch. Thank you
  8. legendofcr33d


    Thank you so much Ron, i will get ready this first release with basic feature came from offset out there. Credit goes to them, Hope there's no Bashers out there, this project is Learning purposes if anyone want to ask just comment down or private message me.. im willing to help as long as i can. i just need to clean and test the rest function before i release the first version of this project. Thanks
  9. legendofcr33d


    i played RF Online since 2009 until now that i read about this interesting Module.too sad im kinda late about it. but never mind. i redo the thing in this module, and yes i did failed on the start and learned where i was wrong,i didnt know ASM and other function before but i really want to Understand the things in this module.and yes i learned how to use some function yet.Trial and error. because i dont have a team i work alone with this module.so maybe it will take time for me but i will keep updating. the point here is im not good in c++ but if there's someone need help i can give some sniffcodes for them. or patches for the server.. if its possible, i will also release the full source when i think im done with this stuff before that i will release the DLL without license to improve the project. now i will ask Ron and other Developer if this idea is allow here or possible? My Project will be named: iCoreProtect
  10. legendofcr33d


    Need tester for my newly server..? Group: Pending. Website: Server Info: Info.php Server Main Language: English, International Server Age: Opening will be on May 23,2019 ( Open Beta ) Server Location: SINGAPORE RF-Fearless best regards.
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