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  1. im sorry, give me more time. thanks
  2. Using "bindiff" will help without pdb, nice release btw. Just encounter gold & dalant bug in latest 4.15 client. Thanks btw.
  3. im not saying that im not going to release it btw. for those who want it, dont waste your money. gtfo Felix
  4. The last source update was stop cause of lack of idea's specially on Sayboss Part. i will try to redo Sayboss next week and catch the RaceBossCry once more if i can, if not i will officially stop this and request to close.
  5. Can some please guide me where i can found this map area name/index in server side structure? https://prnt.sc/vaighp Nevermind already found it. Thanks anyway
  6. iCorePro Wallhack Sensitivity Improvement and just what you said sir Re-read.ini's is already implemented im just making sure everything is smooth after reloading ini's. New* iCore Sayboss v1
  7. iCorePro v1 update *AutoLoot v1 *Common Dupes fix *FlyHack/wall/ASPD improved *Optimized ZoneServer *Mau get EXP v2 *Def & Attack unit/Force nerfing/buffing implemented
  8. Sorry bro but i dont skip anything. i just say im on the learning phase, so why should i skip? or if you want make your own PROJECT.
  9. ok i was stuck on SayBoss part which make me slow updating this, but here whats been added. * AutoLoot *Shared Tempo *Tempo increase x2 *CB Reward *give player item via command *buffer on map/xyz like i say everything will be release here.😇 im still on trial and error phase,i work alone so im really sorry for the delay.
  10. i added this new armor model but when i try to hit the player who use it i have a strange visual bug or something. can someone tell me if its item.edf mistake or resource.edf? https://ibb.co/HBC9Y7N
  11. iCProtect™ Update * Chipbreaker Announcer ,Reward *Force Attack/Ranger/Mellee Radius or Distance Fix "warning message" *Source Base on vs2019
  12. Hello, i just want to update all of you guys that i will release the first version of this iCoreProtect for free before this September end, i know it took me too long to make this one done for some reason.then when everything's fine i rewrote the project to vs2019. God bless all you guys and STAY HOME STAY SAFE.
  13. new Improved iCorePro. its been a long time. Stay Tune
  14. i know its been too long since i came back.. and here some screenshots to prove that im still working on my project and will release soon as i can,. Thank you so much. i still work deeper on this. just keep in touch i have alot of fun mods in this one, but i dont know if all of you will appreciate it. https://prnt.sc/p0lyrl https://prnt.sc/p0m18s i also re-apply /improve the system on this one, but basically it was base on old modules that you can found on web. Thanks!
  15. I can Confirm that is Giga Version of RF Online 2004.
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