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  1. mon0127

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    If you are using TitaniumZone as the launcher, you can configure it through the ZoneServer\RF_Bin\Module" file. main file -> ;; Enable = 1 , Disable = 0 [BMAUGetExp] Enable = 1 [ChipStatus] Enable = 1 [Enchant] Enable = 1 [NewCommand] Enable = 1 [PotionSystem] Enable = 1 [CurrencyMax] MaxMoney = 2000000000 <-----------------------setting MaxGold = 50000000 <-----------------------setting
  2. mon0127

    Questions about PVP points acquisition

    Kill point = Dead point I want to lower the (Dead point) . If you double it, you'll double the (dead point).
  3. mon0127

    I want to make a quest(55lv).

    I want to make a quest(55lv). I want to make up for the item. Therefore, they are requested to share videos or documents. The condition of catching the monster you want or eating the item you want. -----------------I need your help.
  4. mon0127

    Level 55 lock

    SQL server RF_world >> table >>> tbl_general -------Design //////// MaxLevel ------ change 55
  5. mon0127

    Questions about PVP points acquisition

    Which part should I double? and Can party members be set to receive additional compensation?
  6. mon0127

    Questions about PVP points acquisition

    I want it, too.
  7. New server Open (RF-light) USA (CA) AM 06:00 open 18/1/2019 Site : https://discord.gg/546wAxP We don't have to pay. You just have to enjoy ******no money & be happy******** ※Server Information------------------------------ - Max Level: 66lv - Exp Rate: x20000 - Drop Rate: x 10 - Battle Dungeon: On --- x 150 - Mail: ON - Maximum Upgrade +6 ( Upgrade rates for Relics, Leons, PVP Weapons are same as Type C) - Easy farming - single Login allowed for Premium Account - Auction Hause is Active - Guild Honor Active ※Drop list------------------------------ HQ Young Flem - Cling (Low farming) Wing - grade Elems [Pit Boss] - Gold Capsule Ether Calliana Atrock , Crue, Archer- Gly,Bim (low rate) Elan [Pit Boss] - HDH Elems, Leon weapons (low Rate), Brothers Elems, Gold Capsules OCL Naroom and Captain - (keen, Favor ) Talics, T4 (Low Rate) Elf Naroom - (keen, Favor ) Talics, T4 (Low Rate) Busker - Gold Capsule Crag Mine Area Spell Lazuwardian, Lazuwardian Warrior - All Talics(low),T3 Gems Control Chips - Gold Capsule , Weapon, accessory box ※Vendor List [NPC]------------------------------ Gold merchant - Booster ,Gold weapon , various potion ,Accessories (High level) and materials leon weapon (low level) Talic merchant - Keen , Favor , Chaos , Mercy, Grace Talics , T4 Armor merchant - Guard Tower + materials
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