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  1. Problems with skills used for afterimage Is there a solution to the problem that the skill is used even after the character runs away?
  2. How to set the (bell- robot) booster speed Which part should I set? Is it this part? Unitback setting for batspd
  3. - Korea server Open- Mania-RF Forum : https://discord.gg/b6yVynSEyQ sever inform : Exp x99999, animus x99999, skills -Max, pt -Max, max lvl 65 Server Languages English and korea, with no restrictions and no racism tolerance 08.2021 open RF Mania server Great update waiting new heroes from any country. Enjoy now and test private project, that you can trust, or enjoy us 08M.2021Y for worldwide competition.
  4. :: RF ReMaster :: ⚙️⚙️⚙️ SERVER INFO ⚙️⚙️⚙️ Server Open : 6/28/2019 Time: 18:00 GMT +7 * Max Lvl 55 * Exp Rate: x500 * Animus Rate:x6000 * Loot Rate: x50 * Default items * Max Daily Temp Pts 10,000 * Player's Chip HP during CW * Battle Dungeon: OFF * Mail: Off * All Items are Farmable * Max Upgrade +6 * All items can get ingame and GCP * Balance Game Play ⚠️ 24/7 admin support/friendly staff ⚠️ All runes disabled ⚠️ Stealth potion disabled ⚠️ No perfect generator ⚠️ Only Max Upgrade Donatio
  5. please share strs file i want HP potal (sette-> Ether, Ether-> Hq) my discord : PRADA#9963 e-mail : [email protected]
  6. Server name: rf-judgement Server information: Max Lvl 55 Exp Rate: x600 Animus Rate:x3000 Loot Rate: x20 Default items Battle Dungeon: OFF Mail: Off All Items are Farmable Balance Game Play 24/7 admin support/friendly staff Max Daily Temp Pts 10,000 Rac Currency Max: 2,000,000,000 Gold Max: 500,000 Premium service 1 month Player's Chip HP during CW No perfect generator Stealth potion dissable All runes disabled Only Max upgrade donation system All items can get ingame and GCP No playing gm's No insert items No vip player No giving access
  7. If you are using TitaniumZone as the launcher, you can configure it through the ZoneServer\RF_Bin\Module" file. main file -> ;; Enable = 1 , Disable = 0 [BMAUGetExp] Enable = 1 [ChipStatus] Enable = 1 [Enchant] Enable = 1 [NewCommand] Enable = 1 [PotionSystem] Enable = 1 [CurrencyMax] MaxMoney = 2000000000 <-----------------------setting MaxGold = 50000000 <-----------------------setting
  8. Kill point = Dead point I want to lower the (Dead point) . If you double it, you'll double the (dead point).
  9. I want to make a quest(55lv). I want to make up for the item. Therefore, they are requested to share videos or documents. The condition of catching the monster you want or eating the item you want. -----------------I need your help.
  10. mon0127

    Level 55 lock

    SQL server RF_world >> table >>> tbl_general -------Design //////// MaxLevel ------ change 55
  11. Which part should I double? and Can party members be set to receive additional compensation?
  12. New server Open (RF-light) USA (CA) AM 06:00 open 18/1/2019 Site : https://discord.gg/546wAxP We don't have to pay. You just have to enjoy ******no money & be happy******** ※Server Information------------------------------ - Max Level: 66lv - Exp Rate: x20000 - Drop Rate: x 10 - Battle Dungeon: On --- x 150 - Mail: ON - Maximum Upgrade +6 ( Upgrade rates for Relics, Leons, PVP Weapons are same as Type C) - Easy farming - single Login allowed for Premium Account - Auction Hause is Active - Guild Honor Active
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